Friday, October 17, 2008


Battle Game Night

At the 'Dome, 7PM MT, RSN West.

Calgary 4 (Phaneuf x2, GlenX, Cammalleri)
Edmonton 1 (Souray)

Go Flames.

(BoA drinking game here, intro to the 08/09 Oilers here)


This is a bittersweet night. As such, I'd like to add a rule to my drinking game:

One long drink in honour of our comrade, Pleasure Motors/DMFB/Dave Berry. Can be done at any point this weekend.

I'm thinkin that this weekend is the one where the wheels fall off for the Oilers.
I'm hopin for a rough game though, and an even rougher one tomorrow.

Flames 6-2 in a romp.

Kipper rebound! DRINK!

Am I allowed to drink through the entire game?

Am I allowed to drink through the entire game

Please do.

Calgary feed. No Principe. Whew. I would have been passed out drunk by 8.

Gene Principe is with me now. In my Toronto apartment.

It's really weird.

Where are all the people at? People? Soylent green? People?


I wish that had been shown in Edmonton a week ago...


I love doing this by myself.

I was trying to ignore everybody, but the news that Grabia was enjoying his lot in life meant I [i]had[/i] to post something.

(P.S.: Has there ever been a Slovakian NHLer you wouldn't want on your hockey team in some capacity?)

Nice leap there, Giordano.

And Wayne Primeau--I LURV YUUU.

(P.S.: DRINK!)

YESSS!!! Nilsson with the beauty.

Thank you, Primeau and Reböund.

Souray leaves the game...shocker.

Was 'Souray gets hurt' part of the drinking game? Either way, I think I need a new liver.

The funny thing about that period is that all but one of those penalties was deserved, and it was one of the few we didn't click on.

Souray has 4 points so far already - hope it's an equipment issue because he's been dynamite for us in every way so far.

Regehr on the other hand, can miss a game or two and I'd be cool with it.

Couple of things.

Kid line - holy fuck these three are gonna be good! Break em' up any time soon? Yeah, that'll happen.

Souray - Went to the locker room at about 18:00 of the second. So who wins the pool this year?

Kid line - holy fuck these three are gonna be good! Break em' up any time soon? Yeah, that'll happen.

Nilsson is playing unreal. Unreal. Matt may want to edit his post from earlier today.

Boy, this is ugly. The reffing is *ahem* questionable, but the Flames aren't doing themselves any favors.

Jarmoe showed up in full force.

Still no Souray. Awesome.

Here comes the make-up calls...

Todd Bertuzzi with a BIG GOAL. Pretty sure that wasn't in the drinking game...

Rookie goalies need seasoning. I'm going to keep repeating this to myself.

Nice to see the Oilers celebrating the 30th anniversary going all Back to the Future with DeLorean. Drink every time you hear Simmer butcher Deslauriers.

Drink every time you hear Simmer butcher Deslauriers.

He also noted that it is now a "one goal ballgame." That was a new one.

God I miss Ray Ferraro.


JDD, baby!

Round 1: Oilers.

The parade will be held along the usual route.

Nice to see this team getting better every game. I could swear I saw them pretty much own Calgary in the third.

Gagner and Nilsson - hockey jesuses?

This Souray crap has to end, though. It's just ridiculous having a guy on your team who can't play more than 50 games a year.

And the Canucks got humiliated tonight. So glorious.

Is anybody listening to Mike Keenan's post-game press conference? It's hysterical. He's blaming the refs for the fact that a team that employs Phaneuf, Regehr, Sarich, Bertuzzi, and a jillion others will take penalties from time to time.


Line of the night, radio edition - Rod Phillips:
"The Oilers are jamming away at the puck! Now they're banging away at the puck!!"

Line of the night, TV edition - Charlie Simmer:
"The Flames penalty kill has been excellent tonight." Seconds before the Oilers score their first of three power play goals in as many power plays.

I had never heard Charlie Simmer before. Wow. Better than advertised. I didn't even think that was possible.

Tyler....tsk. Tsk.

Okay, what happened to Souray? My neighbour was over and kept switching between the Eskies/Oilers game, it was driving me crazy! I missed the first 4 minutes of the 2nd and 3rd, and some important bits in between, but I liked what I saw.

Anyways I didn't even notice that Souray didn't play the 3rd, well until it was mentioned anyways.

Oh yeah, and the Flames suck, and the Oilers run circles around them.


Tyler....tsk. Tsk

That's what happens when one plays the BOA drinking game - they speak their mind!

One tonight I noticed tonight was how quickly Flames fans have picked up on the drill formerly ran by Canucks fans where they ohh and ahh everytime Bertuzzi makes a nice play or gets hit and then they go nuts everytime he takes a penalty.

This is what it has come to for Flames fans;)

Todd Bertuzzi with a BIG GOAL.

Todd Bertuzzi with his specialty, a dumb-ass offensive zone penalty with his team in possession of the puck. Oil score on the PP and never trail again. Looking at the scoreboard, his penalty was BIGGER than his goal.

Get used to it, Falmes fans. This guy leads the world in bonehead penalties, most of them 160 or more feet from his own net. Usually they are stupid obstruction-type fouls, at least in tonight's muttonhead moment he was able to successfully injure an opponent. Then he argued with the ref about the call, which could have been two minutes for each forearm he nailed Souray with. A class act, all the way.

If we're ragging on Falmes, let's save some love for Miikka "The Finnish Flab" Kiprusoff. I think a lot of his rebound problems are coming from the fact that's he's not moving nearly as quickly as he used to: when your positioning is good it's a lot easier to corral a puck, whereas when you're slower getting there you end up just praying the damned thing hits you.

It should go without saying that this is the greatest development in hockey since Mark Messier realised that elbowing a guy so hard his ears came together was totally worth the two minutes.

Reböund is a real treat to watch right now. His SV% must be hovering around .880. Maybe the Flames can make us an offer for Roli?

Reböund is a real treat to watch right now. His SV% must be hovering around .880.

Andy: would you believe .843 ? 19 GA on just 121 shots. Kipper has given up 4 or more in all 4 games so far, and sports a GAA of 4.69. Of 37 goalies who have played 2 or more GP, Kipper ranks 33rd in Sv% and 36th in GAA.

How about drinking every time Charlie Simmer thinks and I think of that famous Princess Bride line, "you keep using that [term]. I don't think it means what you think it means," in regards to terms related to momentum, strategy, and sports psychology.

Give me that one again when you are sober, Doogie. :)

Andy: would you believe .843

I would. He's done. Done. DONE.

I would. He's done. Done. DONE.

Kipper will rebound! He's just gotten some bad bounces for the last season and a half!

Kiprusoff sucks. Get over it Flames fans.

Souray's got a charlie horse. Day-to-day, nothing bad.

Great blogging and enjoy reading daily. After the Oilers beat the Flames again tonight I am not sure what your going to blog. Entertaining when you blast two of the three stars in your pregame Meet the F**kers and then they feed you your lunch .... keep up the good work and blog the truth not what you want to be the truth would be my only recommendation ...

and blog the truth not what you want to be the truth would be my only recommendation ...

Who makes things up? Erik Cole does ride a Battle Cat to the rink every game. Roli was an original member of New Edition. Bobby Brown had him forced out over a dispute about some lines in "Mr. Telephone Man." That's a true story.

Kipper will rebound!

You can say that again.

Give me that one again when you are sober, Doogie. :)

Technically, I was only under the influence of "holy shit, is it 2 AM?", but close enough. ;) In related news, I <3 PVRs.

you guys are f'n crazy - keep up the good work. Butteaszzi scores a hat trick in a Flames loss and gets ten and a game due to lack of respect and possibly pile drives a linesmen for a missed offside call.

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