Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Flames Game Day

Here we are again -- the Flames have an opportunity to eliminate their only pursuer from the playoffs, this time mathematically. It's Operation Stomp Bigfoot (7PM MT, Flames PPV).

Yes, I'd like the Flames to end the drama tonight, and No, I don't want to tempt fate, but really -- I don't care how the rest of the regular season goes.

Passing Minnesota for 7th place will probably mean avoiding Detroit in the first round, but (A) that's just a personal preference/gut feeling (the Ducks are probably just as strong), and (B) Minnesota is probably going to win their remaining games anyway, meaning the Flames' record over the final 4 won't matter. Catching Vancouver would be fantastic, but it's not realistic -- they only need 3 points over their final 4 games, and their last 4-game stretch where they earned only 2 points was in December.

I'd like the Flames to win tonight; I'd prefer them to not get blown out in San Jose; I'd like Noodles to start 2 of the final 3; I'd like everyone's groins to remain intact, and anyone with overall body soreness to have time off to recuperate a bit. If I buy the PPV on Sunday, I'd like it to be because 2 points would clinch the NW Division, not because they need to at least get to OT to qualify for the playoffs. Little things!

Last season, the Flames beat the Avs in Game 80 to clinch the division, in what was probably their most boring, unwatchable game of the year (I was there, and caught the 3rd period from Dutton's). A repeat would suit me just fine.

Calgary 2 (Phaneuf, Amonte into the EN)
Colorado 0

Go Flames.


and anyone with overall body soreness...

Rhett Warrener...Im looking at you.

Can't believe that guy's just barely north of 30.

Wow, you must have a lot of faith in Amonte. Do you really think he still has the ability to hit the open net?

If it's 1-0 and the Flames have Amonte on the ice, with a playoff spot on the line, I'll be pissed. Godard into the open net.

Flames 3 'Lanche 2

Tanguay(2) Iginla; Sakic(you magnificent bastard)(2)

Any chance the Oilers could offer sacrifices to all the gods (hockey and otherwise) and possibly be blessed with a victory over the Wild tonight?


*sigh* Guess Not.

I realize that this is a big call, but, Jordan Cook = worst anthems ever.

The Avs players lined up on the blueline were visibly laughing.

That anthem was awful. I thought they were done with guest singers after the Jan Arden fiasco. Uggh. Unlistenable.

I thought it was spelled Jann Ardennn(n)?


Okay, that pass by Tanguay just now was absolutely, stunningly, good. 2-1 Flames!

Why is it when the Flames have a PP, the Avs can hook and hold without penalty, but when the situation is reversed, Calgary gets called for a ridiculous hook on the end boards. Basically a play that is not even a penalty, much less when a team is shorthanded. Or, Lombardi gets hooked all the way into the zone and no call against the Avs. I swear, the Flames get more bullshit calls against them than their opponents on a consistent basis. Fuckin' McGeough...

Full credit to the Avs for not going gently into that good night.


Those goofy bastards gave me a big grin tonight! :D

Bah. Full credit to the Avs, but they had the benefit of the bounces tonight. A fluke PP goal, a 5on3 rebound and a Sakic shot Kipper stops on most nights.

That was Amonte out there in the final seconds. Seriously, what the fuck?

Stuart gave Sakic way too much space on that last Colorado goal...

A little more pressure towards the outside and Sakic wouldn't have had that much time to pick his spot...

Didn't catch the game, but it sounds like the Magoo show was in full effect. Correct?

It wasn't that bad. The hooking call on the 5 vs 3 was pretty legit (coming from a completely biased Avs supporter opinion). I am sure most of you guys have a different feed than me, but on the Avs feed there was a good angle of the trip, and it seemed pretty legit.

Besides the Refs gave a call to Phaenuf on flat out dive towards the end of the game. I think the refereeing has been terribly inconsistant since the all-star break (if not all year) and last night was another example of that.

Please make Sat night's game mean something, please make Sat night's game mean something;)

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