Thursday, April 13, 2006


Flames Game Day

Regular season Home Game #41, tonight vs. Colorado at 7PM MDT. TV = Flames PPV.

The Flames need a win (or an OTL) to clinch their first regular season division title in 11 years (Edmonton: 19 years and counting). The last was in 1995, which incidentally was the last time the NHL resumed play after a lockout.

Since the Flames only need a measly point out of their next 3 games, and have really nothing else to play for, what does that mean? Probably that Boucher will get his 2nd start since the Olympics (though not tonight, of course). The only seasonal milestone anyone is pursuing, as far as I can tell, is Phaneuf going for his 20th goal. Other than that, it'll just be a matter of trying to get and keep players healthy.

Apparently Calgary Police are hoping that the Flames do clinch the division tonight (and for a Happy Game) so that they can "dry run" their new "procedures" for the Red Mile. I don't want to sound too snotty about this, since I haven't read most of the media stories. I did watch Global News Tuesday night though, and basically learned that the police/gub'mint want everyone to "Come out and have fun", as long as no one drinks, lifts up their shirts, jaywalks, or makes too much noise. Woooo!! I can hardly wait to see this year's website.

At least compared to some other jurisdictions, the Calgary Police Service is probably owed the assumption that they won't go way overboard, and push people around just because they're wearing blue unis, so I'll reserve judgement for now. Play safe everybody!

As for the game, I mentioned on Tuesday that Mrs. Matt got us tickets, so we'll be there, right after dinner with friends at Ed's. I expect to see a 3-2 result in favour of the home team; if Theodore starts in net for the Avs, I offer a hedge prediction of 6-2. Go Flames.


I think maybe Matt should buy Matt's wife a jersey tonight to say thanks. I know she's been wanting one, and I think my sister has earned one.


Lookout! After Canada won the Olympic gold I ran down to Whyte Avenue expecting some excitement.

Instead, I found police on every single corner between 108th and Calgary Trail/Gateweay Blvd. There was no excitement whatsoever

It was a typical over-reaction to the Canada Day "Riots".

Why is the word "riots" in quotes (and why is it plural)?

I wasn't actually in town for the Canada Day fiasco, but from the post-mortems I read it sounded less like a riot than a few clowns kicking in windows. Was it actually more than that?

As for the plural thing . . . because I didn't get much sleep last night?

Wow...I knew Flames fans were bitter but who the f**k crows over who last won a division title;)?

5-1 or '90 vs '89 is the only thing that matters right now...

You haven't been reading the Edmonton media or the Oiler messageboards/ fansites if you think Flames Fans are the ones that are bitter, currently.

You haven't been reading the Edmonton media or the Oiler messageboards/ fansites if you think Flames Fans are the ones that are bitter, currently.

Oh, we're bitter. But with the Oilers, not the Flames. I think I've referenced this before but I have a friend who went to Princeton. They'd have some sort of sports event with Yale and Harvard. The guys from Harvard would wear shirts that said "Yale Sucks. Princeton Doesn't Matter."

Really, Calgary's got nothing of any substance on the Oilers. Division titles? Who gives a fuck?

In an era of 5 or 6-team divisions, the Oilers have managed not to win a title in 18 seasons, and counting. Since 1990 (that's 15 seasons ago), the Oil has not a single accomplishment. Who the fuck cares? I dunno... I'm not bothered by it.

Yeah I think MC nailed it. I'm bitter with the Oilers...I could care less about whether Ken King gets to eat a bucket of chicken every time the Flames win a playoff game;)

"the Oil has not a single accomplishment"

They signed Peca for 4 mil a year.

Seriously though, too bad the Oilers can't dress those 5 Stanley cups and put them in their line-up, then they might actually be relevant to this season.

"History is a relentless master. It has no present, only the past rushing into the future. To try to hold fast is to be swept aside."

-John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Wait a second. Wasn't this place declared a Politician's Trite Sound-Bite free zone?


Something pompous that somebody else wrote for him.

-John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Isn't this the same fucking guy who birthed a billion dollar conspiracy industry that continues to roll along 45 years later? by getting shot

My point being, we're a long way from the statute of limitations running out on bragging about those Oiler Cup wins. Momentous events-World War II, the Oilers 5 Cup wins or the fall of the Berlin Wall aren't wiped away by history-they define it.

One Cup win...that's a different story. That shit's forgotten a couple of months later.

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Like I said, history.

Those cups are all you have to talk about, yet they can't do shit for you now.

Know what else isn't wiped away by history? The crap hockey the Oilers have played - this year, last year, the last decade.

Indeed, "momentous" would be for the Oilers to play decent hockey and make the playoffs.

Losing. Get used to it, if you aren't already.

Like I said earlier on...Calgary doesn't matter. You think 9 points makes up for 4 Cups? I mean shit...Edmonton's won the Cup more recently than Calgary. All the Flames have is 1 recent Finals appearance and a division title this year to lord over the Oilers. It's unreal the shit you people talk-you're absolute garbage for 7 years, no playoffs, no nothing. One year the stars line up and all of the sudden everyone in Calgary stops staring lustfully at his cousins and brags about how good their hockey team is.


The fact is, Calgary has been the superior team over the last two years (the near present). Which is why we can brag about how good our hockey team is...because, well, IT IS.

Your 5 cups defense is beginning to sound like the fat and tired ex-high-school football star (in his mid-30's) reminiscing about his glory years - pathetic. Granted, the Oilers were superior in the mid-80's. Guess what? THEY'RE NOT ANYMORE. So I think grants Flames fan's license to gloat. Suck it up and wait for the cycle swing back around. I mean, you can't suck forever, right?

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