Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Flames Game Day

The Flames take on the now-officially playoff-bound Ducks, tonight at the 'Dome (7PM MDT, RSN West).

They play the Ducks twice in their final 4 games, and really, the matchup is kind of a win-win thing. The only way the Ducks are likely to finish down in 6th is if the Flames beat them both times, in which case, we'll be happy to meet them in the playoffs! If the Ducks perform well (or the Flames perform poorly), well, we're not likely to meet them in the playoffs anyway (as the 4th or 5th seed), so who cares!

That said, the Flames can clinch the Northwest Division title tonight, their first regular season title since 1995. Their magic number is 3, so they need either a win coupled with an Avalanche loss to PHX, or an OT loss coupled with an Avalanche regulation loss to PHX.

And if it doesn't happen tonight, well, they can do it to the Avalanche head-to-head on Thursday, when I will be personally present in the 'Dome! (Sans Sacamano)

Thanks to the fine online work (and $$$) of Mrs. Matt, the two of us will be attending the regular season home finale. Frankly, I wouldn't mind if it was clinched tonight, so that on Thursday, we can beat Colorado just for the fun of it.

Tonight's the night for Kipper's 10th9th (thanks MetroGnome) and final shutout of the season, I'll call it a 2-0 win. Go Flames.


10th shut-out hey? Either:

1.) 8+1 = 10, or
2.) Kipper is so good, his shut-outs copulate and creat more shut-outs all on their own!

Im guessing it's the latter.

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