Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Flames Game Day

Flames @ Canucks, 8PM MT, RSN West

I guess this is a huge game tonight, but I find myself not caring all that much. I get more convinced by the week that, notwithstanding the impact of injuries, the Blue Jackets are at least as tough an opponent as the Blackhawks. I'd like Game 7 in Round 1, if it comes to that, to be at home, but I'm not losing sleep over it.

And the other thing is, a big part of the fun of the regular season is not just seeing where your team finishes so much as finding out what kind of team you have -- and nothing in the final three games is going to affect my opinion of that one way or the other. The Flames:
And most importantly, aren't going on a deep run unless they get significantly better goaltending in the playoffs than they've gotten in the regular season. On January 29th, I posted about Kipper's steadily declining EV SV%, .907 on the season at that point. Then on February 27th, I noted triumphantly that in the intervening 29 days, his EV SV% was .931 -- huzzah! I mean, harrumph, because in the 38 days since then, it's .892 [runs to office washroom to yack, sob quietly].

Since the evidence points so clearly towards Kipper needing lots of work to stay sharp, I'm sure the lads will lose tonight, and #34 will start both ends of the B2B against the Oilers too -- it'll work out for the best!

Calgary 2 (Langkow, Moss), Vancouver 3 (Sundin, Sedin, Salo in the OT). But, Go Flames.


I don't know if I've ever seen you predict the Flames to lose.

Given that, I'm tempted to bet my entire net worth on them tonight.

That Luongo kid might be something in this League.

I'd rather play a rookie goalie in the first round of the playoffs, over a Stanley Cup winning one. File under: More Likely to Unravel

I can't wait to see you start handicapping!! Like before I have my playoff pool draft ;)

Good thing you didn't care. You can take the boy out of southern Alberta, but you can't take the southern Alberta out of his psychological defence mechanisms!

Best of luck to the Calgary Flames against the Chicago Blackhawks this post-season.

I agree with peter. w.

I ran that Chinese text through Google Translate. Turns out it means "Who had a better 5-on-5 save percentage this year: Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers or Miikka Kiprusoff? If you guessed the guy making $8.5 million, you're wrong."

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