Thursday, May 29, 2008


Sacamano, consult your photo archives

What I believe to be the two most popular and most revisited posts in the ~3 year history of this weblog are actually hardly about hockey at all: they're about facial hair. Sacamano's Beard Talk, from before the Oilers' 2nd round series with San Jose in 2006, is surely the seminal work on the stages of growing a beard; a month or so later, The Many Faces of Sacamano was (among other things) one hell of a larf. (Also notable: A farewell to not shaving from Chris!).

I bring this up not merely because playoff beards in Detroit and Pittsburgh are deep into Stage 6, but because a fellow named Jon Dyer has, for years, been working on growing all the facial hair types -- and fortunately for the rest of us, he's been documenting it.

Enjoy. Glove tap to The Agitator for the pointer.


That is simply tremendous. I wonder how many I've had. You're right -- to the archives, boy!

"Softcore Hobography" may be the best subtitle to any website, ever.

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