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Meetup Day Baseball Standings

Hitchcock is a terrific coach, and Nash's time has come, and guess what: the BJs are a good team. Not "they may have a chance at a playoff spot" good; more like, "they're in without some awful luck -- the real question is how high they finish". They've been excellent 5v5 and it's not because of hot shooting or goaltending; it's because they're dominating possession and outshooting. Their special teams have been astoundingly awful -- PP plus PK is presently 88.4% -- which in the rearview mirror is good (for them); there is literally nowhere to go but up, and most likely quite a ways up.

I know that seems a bit off topic, but I veered over there because (per the graphic) the Sharks are off to a quasi-historic start and are a terrific team. The Blue Jackets played them in San Jose last night, and while they lost 3-2 (Sharks scored two on the PP and the other 6-on-5), the BJs worked them over pretty hard at even strength. Yeah, it's one game, and maybe the Sharks were "sluggish", but neither poor nor mediocre teams can go into the Shark Tank and outshoot the home team 29-12 at EV. It simply does not happen.

The world is round, and Columbus is going to win a lot of games going forward.


"The NHL expects a high standard of behaviour from its players, but we are extremely reluctant to use the discipline powers of the Commissioner's Office as a means by which to uphold that standard. We feel that the large majority of our players are superb people and model professional athletes, and the process of parsing their public comments frankly demeans us all.

In this instance, however, we felt that due to a combination of factors with respect to Mr. Avery's comments -- they were pre-planned and deliberate, they were vulgar, they insulted someone outside the NHL family, they were designed in large part (by his own admission) to incite the opposition in that night's game, and they were contrary to numerous warnings we have previously given him -- it was imperative that we took swift and clear action.

Mr. Avery has been assessed a 2-game suspension, which has now been served, and is permitted to return to the Dallas Stars. He has been advised that going forward he will be held to a particularly high standard of public behaviour, and that any further incidents will be dealt with even more harshly."

How frickin' hard would that have been. Instead, they can look forward to this: every time an NHL player causes an injury with an illegal hit, and he is assessed a 2, 3, 5-game suspension, there will be a sarcastic chorus of, "It's not like he made a lame and tasteless joke for the benefit of TSN cameras!" Kudos, you jackasses.


Flames Game Day: Flames @ Blues, 6PM MT, RSN West
Oilers Game Day: Oilers @ Kings, 830PM MT, RSN West
Schanks Game Day: A Friday! Kokanees! Double-header! Putting faces to fake names!

I look like this (except one year handsomer) and will be dressed rather identically. I'll be with Mrs. Matt, most likely in a Kiprusoff 34. Best guess is that we'll be in the far right corner by the (2nd) giant projection screen.

Looking forward to the evening, a 3-1 Calgary win (Langkow, Phaneuf, Prust, Tubby McChair-Off-the-Balcony), and some manner of Oilers loss, the details of which are unimportant.

Go Flames.


Wow, you look pretty young. Is that your grandpa behind you?

Wish I could make it tonight. That Schanks was where I watched Calgary-Detroit Game 6 in 2004, when I embraced numerous strangers and saw my favourite T-Shirt ever. On the front: You suck, Hatcher. On the back: No, Hatcher, you really suck.

Have fun tonight. I'll watch mournfully in Toronto.

Dangit! I can't believe I forgot to put "(at top right)" in there. Oh, the confusion that will arise.

Since we're all a-postin' pictures, I'm at the bottom of this post here.

Any particular time to show up for?

I'd say there is a 70% chance I make it tonight. I'm fat, and will be wearing an Iginla jersey. I might be late-ish, though. Hopefully the party will still be going in the 2nd or 3rd. :) Later.

Fun fact for the Eastern conference standings: the Rangers are 7-1 in the SO. In fact, their after-60 record is 11-9-9, and they're 0-1-8 in baby-OT.

That can't be sustainable. ;)

I'm fat, and will be wearing an Iginla jersey.

That describes more-or-less the entire city of Calgary, doesn't it?

Just the women. Most of the men are reasonably fit.

(Awaits six game suspension from BoA.)

(Awaits six game suspension from BoA.)

Calgary: Edmonton's sloppy seconds?

Pouliot, Brodziak, and Brule out against the Marleau-Thornton combo and they kept it in more-or-less in the San Jose end.


Felicitats pel blog!
Nosaltres jugem hoquei patins perĂ² ens agrada el que vosaltres practiqueu.

Columbus was beyond awful against LA last night. I blame Fenwick.

Did anyone else watch The Simpsons last night, and feel a little sick to their stomach?

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