Thursday, November 06, 2008


Let's get together and feel alright

Long overdue, but better late than never: We're having a GT.

Battle of Alberta and Five Hole Fanatics would like to invite everybody out to watch and talk some hockey on Friday, December 5th. We picked that date because, like tonight, there are CGY and EDM games back-to-back: Flames @ Blues (600PM), and Oilers @ Kings (830PM).

The Calgary locale is pretty firmly set as Schanks North (Crowfoot). Not the best atmosphere necessarily, but it's so damn big that Kent and I don't have to stress over the whole "Book a table for 20 people, then have 3 show up" scenario. There's room for everybody. Also, the FAN960 broadcasts their pre/postgame (as well as intermissions) from there, so there might be an opportunity for you to accost Eric Duhatschek after some Courage in a CanTM.

I hope very much that Calgary-residing Flames and Oilers fans will come out and join us. And if you live in Edmonton and are mulling a visit to happier, more successful friends & relatives down the highway, why not make it that weekend?

As noted, I don't wish to worry about RSVPs, but if you are planning on coming, I'd love it if you said so in the comments, and perhaps we can get some enthusiasm to snowball. Cost is buying a beer for Matt zero -- you were going to be watching the game(s) anyway, right?


Sorry boys I wouldn't mind coming out but I am stuck in Edmonton for finals until the 19th or 20th.

Depends on work schedules, but I have no objection in principle to this idea. I might have to bring an umbrella or something, though: I don't want people dumping shit on my nice, Cup Run-vintage Oilers jersey, now do I? ;)

The commute from Toronto would be a bit long, and my dogs pulling the sleigh are not yet in peak form. Maybe next year.

I wouldn't worry about it Doogie... CGY and EDM are both lousy with the other city's fans. Maybe if it was a H2H game...

Also, describing something from 2006 as "vintage" is really pushing it, dontcha think? (Exception: if it's a Pronger 44)

@Matt: Oh, I know, I was (mostly) kidding. I've actually never had an issue with going to the 'Dome, and I've gone to four or five Oilers games there since 2003, though I do know one person who has.

And the "vintage" thing was an ironic poke at the 300,000 2004-vintage Flames jerseys I've seen around the city the last few years, after seeing barely any during the lean years (of course, given what they had to work with before they brought the red one back...). Anyway, I have a real vintage jersey my Dad owned in the late 80s, but it's in storage now.

I could be convinced to show up, if I survive to see the end of that week.

I don't know if you're still monitoring this thread, but I'll likely try to make it. However, my wife is due to pop with our 2nd any day now, so all plans are tentative at this point. How are we supposed to know who's who? Wandering around Schanks introducing myself to random guys would be a lot more fun if I was of a different persuasion.

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