Saturday, November 22, 2008


Flames Game Day

Red Wings @ Flames, 8PM MT, HNiC

**A reminder to all our peeps around Western Canada: the Battle of Alberta / Five Hole Fanatics hockey meetup dealy is less than 2 weeks away, on Friday December 5th. The Flames game goes at 6PM on the big* screens, followed by the Oilers game at 830. Here's your chance to complain to me in person about the site! And also to congratulate new Kouleas/Ludzik/BlackDog colleague Kent on going corporate!

**I was kind of alarmed to see this headline at -- I haven't lived in Kingston for a dozen years, or played hockey for twenty.

**One thing I'm not too worried about yet: the disparity in the Flames record against playoff/non-playoff teams. I put a fair bit of weight on this in general, but it's early.

And I don't really mean, "It's early, things can turn around fast", although that's true too -- it's that it's so early that the Standings position of several of Calgary's opponents is heavily influenced by their record against Calgary. Colorado is 8-10-0 and are in 14th place, but not including the games against the Flames, they're 8-6-0, which is a Win% that would have them in a playoff spot for sure. Nashville would be in a better spot if Calgary hadn't beat them twice; Edmonton would be in a worse spot if they hadn't beat Calgary twice. Etcetera.

That said, they got reamed by the one obviously excellent team they played this year (San Jose), so I'll feel a lot better if they can compete against the Wings tonight. Another blowout defeat would be a pretty bad sign.

**Before everything turns upside down again (and no doubt it will), let me invite you to check out my NW Prediction post again; it's holding up fairly well so far. A few commenters will likely be embarrassed to go there, but, that's what makes this all so much fun, right?

Calgary 4 (Moss, Conroy, Phaneuf, Iginla)
Detroit 3 (Hossa, Rafalski, Zed)

Go Flames.


Unfuckingbelievable, CBC cuts to the game and Detroit scores 5 seconds later.

Yeah, that's infuriating. You can't skip the Habs shootout on CBC *Calgary*? Really?

And did you hear the comment "We now welcome the rest of the country..."

Like, who the hell was getting the Calgary game already, if Calgary wasn't?

Also, PJ Stock is on right now, my god is he terrible.

God, Crawford's verbal fellatio of the Wings is getting sickening.

"They look to make tape-to-tape passes in the neutral zone..."

Yeah, who doesn't? Jeez.

It's a pretty amazing... coincidence? don't think that's the word I'm looking for... that every time Mark & Marc have highlighted a great defensive play made by a Wing, it has involved Todd Bertuzzi.

Best of luck to the Calgary Flames this hockey season.

Bert is just *awful* out there.

At least Gio got his first of the year.

Hehehe! Just checked that Prediction thread. Some real gems there. Like the crazy Canuck fan who said:

I think Bernier is worth a crap, and could be good for 30 goals with the Sedins if the puck keeps deflecting off him into the net.

Although in my defense, any player with hands would have ten goals considering all the chances Bernier has had (I think he has missed 3 clear-cut open nets so far, by my count). The ol' "Squeezing the stick" excuse no longer applies.

My favorite comment in that thread has to be this one, though :-)

two teams in toronto? This is a pretty interesting article. Y'all should check it out

two teams in toronto? This is a pretty interesting article. Y'all should check it out

video of the flames winning the cup in 04

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