Friday, August 10, 2007


Dog days

As noted yesterday, there's nothing going on with the Flames right now, and I find myself with absolutely nothing to say about them. Last year, it looked like they improved in the offseason and should have been better, but they weren't. This year, it looks like they improved in the offseason... so basically, I'm just waiting for October to find out how things will go.

Once training camp gets going in September I'm sure I'll find some takes bubbling up, but for now, we might as well change tracks. So for August, I'll go with a maybe-continuing, non-hockey feature series: Things That Please Me. I did one about TV shows last summer; if you don't like that I'm not talking about the nominal subject of this site, see here.

Things That Please Me, August 10th: John Daly

The PGA Championship is underway in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Southern Hills is a very difficult course, and like most majors, accurate driving and some mighty careful shot placement is required. It's hitting 100F there (in the shade) in the afternoons, with varying humidity around 50% (+/-10%). John Daly has made the cut and posted a 4-round score in but 5 of his 19 tournaments, and said something yesterday to the effect of, "You need confidence to play this game well, and I have none." Of course the pros can't use carts or wear shorts to beat the heat, and oh yeah, Daly weighs 250+ lbs.

Owing to the heat, Daly decided to play no practice rounds (went to the casino instead, shady and 75F), and while most of the pros were emptying another 1L water bottle every couple of holes, Daly's strategy was this:
“I grew up around this, I’m used to it,” Daly said. “I just light up a cigarette and drink some caffeine, and it works.”

That strange rumble you heard yesterday afternoon was the heads of several hundred dieticians and athletic trainers exploding. And finally, he gripped and ripped the driver on just about every par-4 and par-5.

I like John Daly; not so much because he's a degenerate, but because he won't apologize for it or change. Why should only people who make "good" decisions be allowed to be comfortable in their own skin? I refuse to insert any kind of Kids Don't Try This At Home disclaimer here.

I think it's awesome that he shot 67 yesterday, and there's a plenty good chance that when he tees off Rd2 today at 105MT, he's going to be at the top of the leaderboard. If he shoots anything lower than a 78 today, I'll be shocked. Thrilled, but shocked. Give 'em hell John.


If were confessing guilty pleasures; I kind of like Barry Bonds. I love the fact that everybody hates him and he just shrugs it off-people's opinion of him has no apparent effect on his self-esteem. I'm sure its not normal to be that self-posessed but I admire it.

Aaaand... Tiger dominates.

Ho hum.

Now all we need is a Federer-Nadal final in Montreal and all is right with the world.

Safest bet in the world: Whoever Tiger is paired with on Sunday shoots a higher score than Tiger, regardless of whether Tiger wins the tournament or not.

Ames could do well against Tiger. Somebody has to beat him someday and why not now. The conditions are devastating heat wise and a kid who grew up in Trinidad Tobago might have a slight advantage as that is the normal conditions for the Caribbean. This would be great David Goliath story to tell the kids.

All I know is unless Ames gets within a stroke early, we won't hardly see a shot of his on TV all day. Stupid jackasses.

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