Monday, February 12, 2007


We Get Letters

What's your policy on removing comments?

Comments are the best part of this website, and the most gratifying to the authors. Unfortunately -- and rarely -- they are also the worst part, and the most disheartening to the authors. Accordingly, the publisher shall from time to time give to the readers information on the state of the weblog, and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.

The policy on everything about this site is that there is no policy. Everything is at the sole and total discretion of the authors. What to post about. How often to post. Whether to respond to questions, or address arguments. Whether to be funny or serious, optimistic or pessimistic. Whether to address yesterday's atrocious road loss, or pretend it never happened.

Most blog readers come to a particular realization on their own over time, but if you're one that hasn't yet, please ask yourself this question: What is the objective of the authors? There are many, many, many possible correct answers to this question -- it depends almost entirely on the site in question -- but one that is universally incorrect is to satisfy your expectations. Yes, you. Blogs are not public utilities. They carry no promise, express or implied, to appeal to you. If you don't like it, go away, won't you?

The Battle of Alberta exists at the whim of the authors. You'll notice that we use free webhosting, free blogging software, and carry no advertising. It is a zero-cashflow operation, but that's not because we're anti-commercial in principle, or because of inertia. It's so that we can walk away when it's no longer fun.

This day will come, sooner or later. That's not a threat, it's the state of the union. Insults, smears, brainless profanity, and questioning our motives makes it less fun. Your constructive criticism regarding the general quality of the site is not welcome, and your unwelcome comments will be deleted or ignored at our discretion. I'm the HHIC (that's Head Hoser In Charge), and that's the way it is.

Anyhoooo... thanks to the large majority of our readers: you do not need this admonishment, and you are appreciated more than you know. Now, back to the regular bullshit...

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