Monday, October 30, 2006


We will score when we start putting the puck in the net.

In the early days of this joint, it was so easy to pick on Flames superjournalist Eric Francis, that it was necessary for Matt to raise the white flag, and he issued this disclaimer:

Although I am the Flames half of this web-log, I would like to announce this as clearly and strongly as possible:

I cannot, and will not, defend the meanderings and sentence fragments of Eric Francis on an ongoing basis.

Well, that sort of took the fun out of kicking the stuffing out of Francis every week, so I stopped reading him.

But today I happened across a beauty that I can't resist bringing to your attention. It really is a battle of wits, as "Eric Francis Interviews Speaks to Sutter."

I'll be honest, I haven't even read the thing yet. I've only read the rest of the headline, and already it ranks as a special article:

"Sutter's finger far from the panic button as GM defends his club's ability to score when skill guys on same page"
Oh man, do I ever love justifications that use the circular formula "X is good when/because X is good".

The humour potential in this baby is just too good to waste on a quick read. I want to pour two fingers of single malt, put on some tunes, and really enjoy it. And I want to make it clear that my excitement is not only a product of the fact that I think Francis is a preturnatural halfwit. In fact, to give the man his due, he is about the only guy in Calgary who never completely downed the entire jug of Sutter Kool-Aid. He even had the temerity to question some of Sutter's decisions in print. Hence, I'm just giddy in anticipation of which Francis will turn up for the conversation, and whether he will buy Sutter's inevitable assertion that the status quo is working just fine thank you very much.

Enough foreplay. Read and discuss.


""Once all the skill guys get on the same page as they were (against Phoenix) we'll be fine,"

Who are these "skilled players" that Sutter speaks of? Darryl could be in for a long year if he is waiting on players that don't exist to get on the same page. Equally disturbing is the necessity for Sutter to reference a game against an AHL team to provide evidence that the Flames can score.

Having spent the bulk of his time watching Flames prospects in the WHL and the club's AHL affiliate in Omaha, Sutter insisted he hasn't missed being behind the bench at all.

Wow, even Sutter can't bear to watch the flames play. Ouch.

See, if Calgary played Phoenix 50 more times this season they'll be fine! No worries.

I'm sure the Oil are happy they don't have to play the Coyotes 50 more times this season...

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