Tuesday, April 25, 2006



Eric Francis finally gets one right:

Make no mistake, the Calgary Flames are in trouble.
Outplayed at home the first two games of the playoffs by an Anaheim squad that force-fed the hosts a heaping helping of their own medicine, the Flames now head to a building where they've won once in the last seven seasons.
While the first two games were close enough to go either way, the most casual of observers can see the Flames have been slightly out-chanced and out-skated by a young, feisty bunch that has done the unthinkable -- beat Calgary at its own game.


Obviously, taunting Calgary fans at every available opportunity is something that most Oiler fans support. However, there are some things in the BoA that are just unconscionable. Referring to Eric Francis as a superjournalist is one of those things.


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