Thursday, October 12, 2006


Deep Blue Sea? They Ate Me. A F#@!ng Shark Ate Me!

Not tonight, Los Tiburones. It was the Western Conference semis all over again. Sharks take an early lead, Oil storm back to dominate and manhandle a Sharks goalie (this time, That Book By Nabokov).

It should also be noted that the Oilers beat a team that just manhandled the Flames. Again. And that the Oilers scored one more goal tonight than Calgary has scored on the season. But this thread, and Matt's thread, has been tons of fun. Lots of Oilers and Flames fans, and everyone having a good time. If you want to have even more fun, watch Mudcrutch get booted off this thread at Calgary Puck. His reputation obviously preceded him, because he certainly wasn't the most offensive guy on the thread. And you'd think Flames fans would encourage all the offense they could get. As Raffi's older brother Ben Fong-Torres would say, Craaazy.


I hate Ron Wilson. Does he ever give credit to anyone?

I'll give a tip of the hat to the Oil tonight, not only did they allow a nice respite from the Islander-loss at BoC, but they also helped me kick the snot out of Nabokov-loving-Mirtle in fantasy fundom.

All Hail King Smyth!

He'd look good in a Canuck Uni...

He'd look horrible with a whale on his chest. What are you talking about?

Your heroes are sure inside the Sharks' heads. Since that big overtime game in May, Joe and the rest of the girls run away and hide whenever they play the Oilers.

Go Flames.

the Oilers scored one more goal tonight than Calgary has scored on the season


best line by far, Andy!

good work

Did someone hear Joe Thornton say "Don't stand so close to me"?

How many more games does San Jose have against Edmonton this year, 3?

Last year proved that postseason position means nothing, and home ice advantage has never meant anything to the Sharks.

I want to see Scott Parker, Doug Murray, and Ryan Clowe back in the lineup for the next Oilers game in San Jose on January 10th.

Ron Wilson usually balks at the suggestion of putting muscle in the lineup. But callup Jonathan Tremblay from the AHL and start lining up fools 2 at a time.

I hate losing to Canadian Raiders fan.

I just read that CP thread. I post there (under a different nick) and I don't think Mudcrutch deserved a ban there, but the other guy did (menace).

It was a valid point - Flames fans were revelling in the 4-1 SJ lead, but ignoring that there was still a half game to go.

That said, last night showed the identity of BOTH Alberta teams, but I'd guess both teams would love to snag a bit of the other's mojo, and get a bit better D, or a bit more O.

But after 82 no one cares how you won, only that you did win.


That was a painful third period to endure as a Sharqs fan. What a great game to watch as a general ice hockey fan though.

Two natural hat tricks. Craazy.

What the hell, muddy got banned from CalgaryPuck?

Weak, just weak.

So, you go onto a Flames fan site to stick up for the Oil? Now there's a recipe for trouble. Although I don't know why a Sharks fan would want to start a thread about a Sharks/Oil game on a Flames sight. He had to know it would bring out the worst in some fans. Maybe that's what he wanted?

There are lots of clips of Phaneuf's hit. It was TSN's Highlight of the Night so it is probably on there. I wondered about it being late, but when Phanuef started hit move vs when the dump was made is pretty close, and it was a clean hit so the refs let it go.

Actually, from the bits and pieces I saw, it looked like one of the better officiated games I've seen lately. A few head-scratchers, but fewer than some other games I've seen.

Pick your definition:

1. Denis Hamel was Phaneufed with a huge bodycheck by the Flames #3 on Thursday night.

2. Jim Playfair Phaneufed the Senators by matching #3 against Denis Hamel and the Sens' fourth line.


Jim Playfair Phaneufed the Senators by matching #3 against Denis Hamel and the Sens' fourth line.

Well, since #3 played 26:48 last night, I think you would have to figure that he wasn't being matched to a line that had around 7 minutes play; so your first definition would be much more appropriate.

The Oilers are greedy. Imagine,lining their pockets with PPV for game three. It must be easier to collect a fee then up sell their sponsors on their television package.
The strategy is good for Edmonton bar owners, but where is the value in PPV for the die hard fans?

Last time I checked the EIG were still tens of millions in debt collected in essentially their first 5 years of ownership. I'll forgive them for the PPV cash grabs until their debts are repayed. From what I understand, they payed a significant portion with the playoff cash from last year, and with the dollar the way it is, are actually paying less for salaries than they were in the 90s.

As far as the PPV mechanism goes, from what I understand as of a couple years ago those games are always the last chosen to be televised. First CBC has their pick then Sportsnet which leaves the rest for the team to chose to broadcast or not. Since the other 2 broadcasters take up a large chunk of games, doesn't leave much for PPV.

I remember this similar argument being made during the Messier retirement deal, but in the end that was luck on the organizations part.

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