Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Oilers Game Day-Sharks

Record: 1-1-0Record: 3-0-0

• Our first game against a vanquished playoff foe. Should be a doozy.

• Unfortunately, you can't watch it, unless you get the Pay Per View. Have to admit, that just pisses me off. I still refuse to get Pay Per View games. There's some psychological wall about paying to watch a hockey game on tv that I simply can't overcome.

• I went looking for Sharks stuff over at BoC, and instead stumbled upon this hilarious post from Earl on Mark McGwire and Ketchup.

• As Mirtle has noted, the line of Milan Michalek, Patrick Marleau and Steve Bernier are going to be hard to handle. Should make for some interesting matchups. While Horcoff is shutting down Thornton, maybe Raffi can greet Milan with his shoulder pads again.

• Do we not have a suitably insulting nickname for Thornton, by the way? I thought we did, but I can't remember. I'll just re-use this image for now, as well as link to Cosh's dismantling of him.

I'm going to start the bidding with, "Priceless, featuring the Joey Thornton Face."

• Speaking of choking, how you all sleeping in Carolina? Good to see Cam Ward is where he always is, at around the .880 SV% mark. That will go down as the worst Conn Smythe decision ever, mark my words.

• Our widget is actually up on Apple now, which officially makes us big-time.

Prediction: 3-2 Oilers. Stoll and San Pisani in regulation. San Pisani gets the GWG in the shootout.


I forgot to mention His Royal Smugness, Ron Wilson.

That is all.

While the Canes may be 0 for the season so far, I'd take it if the Oilers were defending champs.

Scary foe tonight - we'll see how Laddy Smid, Shaggy and Greene do - a real test for sure.

Good quote from Raffi on his hit on Michalek - "I wasn't trying to hurt him".

Hate to see if he had been.

I have Cam Ward as one of my goalies in my Fantasy league.
Do you think this is a year long meltdown? He has to be somewhat decent, if he shutdown the oilers.

Its either Ward or Kolzig.

I can't say for last night but apparently he was good in the first three games they played - it was the guys in front of him who let him down - that's what I read anyhow

he was terrible for a lot of last season but he got hot at the right time obviously - I'd say his team is suffering from a bit of a hangover now, that, some guys out of the lineup and everyone gunning for them - adds up to a slow start

Go Sharks. (Especially Cheechoo, who has been doing next to nothing for me in my Pool this year).

Supposedly you can get it online:

Info here

If you're looking for something playoff-suckitude related, may I propose The Other Manning (or TOM for short, if you prefer) for Mr. Thornton's moniker.

Judges, can I get a ruling?

TOM is pretty good, but shouldn't it be held out for...well...the actual other Manning?

Loxy said...

Supposedly you can get it online

Download this.

In a shocking turn, the channel is called NHL. The picture is surprisingly good.

you could always use one of those malfangled freetoair boxes and "borrow" the ppv. i'm not liking this game much.

To the Oilers, Flames and all other organizations around the league, "For the love of God and my hockey pool, do not take ANY penalties against the San Jose Sharks. Please!"


10 penalties for the Oilers after 2. 3 for the Sharks. Someone is going to have to give me a post-game breakdown on this bad boy.

Any bets the Oilers get ZERO shots on net during this 5 on 3?

LOL. About two seconds after I said that, too. I'm gonna complain more often.

im watching this and thinking...
my ass hurts, im going to bed now... and the PPV feed lost it's audio. thanks god it's freebie. and now its 4-3 stoll scored and im almost erotically aroused. finally smitty giving naahbackov ass ok. i'll stay up. nows itsa tie game. i am officially having a moment. where the hell is my pirate audio feed damn you bev!!!!


I REALLY am going to complain more often.

i am officially horny over a hockey game. and the funniest thing is all i can hear is me.


Oh. My. God.

Ryan Smyth is AMAZING! Grabia I hope you're getting sloshed, because it's time to celebrate...

andy, I want to hear nothing but complaints from here on in.

'Nabby' looked bad on that one.

and even funnier ive just missed all the cheering these past 10 minutes cause i didnt know my cat stepped on the HTIB remote and muted the audio. #(@)*$&^(@*$!!!

I think my computer is broken. Everytime I hit refresh at, it shows R.Smyth getting a goal. He's not in my pool, so I'd better shut down.


I wish I was getting sloshed. I'm actually working, and listening to 630 ched online. Unfortunately, TVU is not available for Mac

This team stinks. We can't score, ever.

*Fingers crossed.*

Can I just say how happy I am to see that JHuck has returned? It's just like old times.

P.S. these Sharks broadcasters are absolutely ridiculous in their homerism. It's like they're talking about fellow beer-league teammates:

Nabokov = 'Nabby'
Marleau = 'Paddy'
Cheechoo = 'Cheech'
Thornton = 'Joe'

Apparently it is also illegal to lift the stick of an opposing player, according to the rules of San Jose broadcasters. Geez...maybe we have it lucky up here, Bob Cole and all.

By the way, what's the record for the quickest hat-trick?


.. just in time to hear morley scott suggest the oilers should sit on this 3-goals in 2 minutes shock and awe treatment... damn you worst advice ever. no! no! nO! NO! staios breakaway but waaay too much stick movement and nabby snowangeled. more! more! more! faster! faster!

I dunno JHuck, but they just said Smytty beat Gretzky's record for fastest hat-trick by an Oiler.

Mirtle or Lowetide would know the NHL answer, I'm sure.

"Can I just say how happy I am to see that JHuck has returned? It's just like old times"

Only at night. My work has a new "webmarshall" that blocks access to Blogger, so every couple of evenings I check in from home on all the personal insults here.


Bill Mosienko, 3 goals in 21 seconds in 1952 for the Hawks.


"Bill Mosienko of the Chicago Blackhawks who potted three goals in just 21 seconds in 1952."

That's ridiculous.

Fine. I'll do your stupid job for you, you lazy S.O.B.

Fastest 3 Goals (Hat Trick) in one game.

Bill Mosienko: 21 sec. - Chicago Blackhawks - Mar 23, 1952

Oops. I guess your Google is quicker than mine.


im squeeing for hemmer.. and the tjammy

Holy shit. Is this the NHL's dream game or what? I've heard four breakaway calls in the 3rd period alone.

This has been a surreal night in the NHL for comebacks. Pretty, pretty goal by Hemsky makes up for 3 typical Ales penalties.

Did Phillips just call Smytty a "Tiger"? He sounds very aroused in talking about him.

So much for getting any work done. Good God.

dream game or not, this game scared the shit out me. pitt-nyr was more... comfortably won last minute by god.

Awesome. Eat it, Sharks.

I think I got about 1700 fantasy points out of that game tonight.

Is this the NHL's dream game or what? I've heard four breakaway calls in the 3rd period alone..

Aside from the Flames' game, right?

To summarize everything anybody needs to know about Alberta's hockey teams:

This evening the Oilers won 6-4 while the Flames won 1-0.

This evening the Oilers won 6-4 while the Flames won 1-0.

Perfect, Steve.

The crazy part is that Hemsky's 8 PIM do nothing but help me in my fantasy league.

So, what, that is two boards for you now?

I have to agree. You weren't even bad in that thread. And I know you were holding back.

Hee hee. Man, those fuckers can't handle being shown up. Classic Flamer.

Awesome game tonight, even worth the PPV cost. Staois breakaway alone is worth it.

It's hilarious watching the Calgary Puck fanboys talk shit about the Oilers and then disappear. Getting kicked off of that site is just proof of being a rational person.

Grabia, FYI:

I'm sloshed on your behalf.

So is Zanstorm.

You have no idea how hard that html tag was to type out...

Go Smyth!

In my NHL preview, I called Thornton "Mr. December", which I'm still hoping will catch on.

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