Friday, September 22, 2006


Hang 'em high

How stupid and/or evil do you have to be to choose burglary as a trade in a land of zero unemployment and rapidly escalating wages? (Answer: very.)

Anyway, Andy will be busy and offline for the next while, TCB, and Colby Cosh has graciously offered to fill in as this site's North correspondent in the meantime. I wish both he and Andy well. As for me, the time demands of Real LifeTM/(Work Division) appear to be easing up a bit, and you can expect posting to ramp back up over the final two weeks of the pre-season. Go Flames.


Good lord, Cosh does have a soft side. Who knew?

Soft side? I just wanted to get behind the wheel of this bitch and see what the engine sounds like.

Suckage tangent to the non-criminal variety...

That TSN preview is completely horrid, as already pointed out by Matt last week. Latest exhibit of sheer incompetence: Fantasy Projections

Check out the Goaltender projections. Anyone make any sense of the order they're listed in? See the Boston 'tenders and the projections of the "lower" ranked goalies... Nevermind that, anyone find Roloson among the "top" 30 listed? Anyone? Buehler? Buehler? Anyone? Apparently Maggie has graduated from spinning the playoff prediction wheel... Pathetic excuse for a preview.

- Rod

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