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Looks like TSN might have been under some deadline pressure to put up their NHL Preview for the start of training camp, as the evidence from the Flames preview is that the copy-editing step was skipped. From a first glance through:
The writer also, as far as I can tell, makes a bunch of shit up in the Forwards section:
GM Darryl Sutter needed an established No. 1 centre in the offseason, and got right to work at the NHL Draft by acquiring Alex Tanguay. He spent most of his time in Colorado playing on the wing and should compliment new linemate Jarome Iginla well. Having Tanguay in the lineup also moves Daymond Langkow to the second unit, and he should gel well with Kristian Huselius and Tony Amonte.

I'm 99% sure that none of these things have been discussed in public anywhere except on talk radio and Calgarypuck.
Also, Edmontonians might find this unsettling: according to the Oilers preview, "Matt Greene... will be counted on to provide offence from the point." Unless I missed something, this is the same Matt Greene who scored 3 goals in 120 NCAA games. So, good luck with that.


The preview is indeed brutal, but Donna Spencer's CP story yesterday did talk about Tanguay moving to centre. Here's the relevent quote:

''I've played maybe, over the course of my first six years in the NHL, a maximum of 10 or 15 games at centre,'' he said. ''It's something I'm unfamiliar with, but if I have to play centre, I'll play centre no problem.''

The Oilers preview also refers to Mikhnov as "Ukrainian". Although Alexei was born in Kiev (and his brother Andrei does play for the Ukraine internationally), Alexei is Russian in every other possible sense of the word, holds a Russian passport, and of course is listed for Team Russia by the IIHF. I think calling him "Ukrainian" is rather like calling Sen. John McCain "Panamanian."

Yeah, or Robyn Regehr "Brazilian". TSN must like be upstaged by amateur bloggers and such.

I think everyone's getting what they paid for with their sports journalism...

I think everyone's getting what they paid for with their sports journalism...

Are you implying that we shouldn't complain because it is free? Because we all do it for free, and I'd take almost all of us over them.

I thought that Mikhnov was Ukrainian and Russian. It raises an interesting question of citizenship for those born before the collapse of the USSR. I'll ask the Black Widow. She is also both.

I was all excited to see that TSN had put something together...and then horribly depressed to see what it is. Fuck those guys. How can they not be horribly fucking embarassed by that?

What's the fucking point of doing that if you're not even going to put any goddamn effort into it?

Just how far does Mirtle push this tendency to appear magically like Mephistopheles whenever anybody criticizes the paid media? Like, if I was in the Garneau Pub and I made an offhand remark about Kelly Hrudey's hair, would he suddenly materialize in a puff of smoke? I'm kind of scared right now.

I think he was talking about MAB when talking about offense from the point not greene.

Why do people keep refering to TSN and other sports media as 'free'? Does no one else pay for cable and broadband? If content providers want cash (Colby excepted of course) they can talk to my ISP.

Anonymous, you are right - now.

Serves me right for using the [...]. The original sentence was, "Matt Greene and Marc-Andre Bergeron will be counted on to provide offence from the point"; the "is developing" has been inserted since I first posted this.

I see the editing is in progress on the Flames page as well. Langkow's assist total is still wrong, but they have the coach's name right.

And re: Tanguay and Langkow, the commentary and the depth chart still contradict each other.

Does no one else pay for cable and broadband?

Even if they didn't, when you're talking about cable networks you're talking about businesses that have received huge unearned government benefits from restricted competition on the dial, unauctioned homesteading rights to limited bandwidth, and cultural protectionism. Hopefully you're feeling an overwhelming urge to hit my Paypal button right about now...

Hopefully you're feeling an overwhelming urge to hit my Paypal button right about now...

And a desire to randomly email Matt and I and donate trillions of dollars. Or season tix, at the very least.

Let's see if this works: most of the sportswriters on this continent should be fired and replaced.

Wait for it.



My favorite line in the TSN preview was about the Ducks:

Brian Burke's squad were three wins short of a trip to the Stanley Cup Final.

They make it sound like they were so very, very close, and would have won it all, if not for some bad breaks. As we all can attest to, the series against the Oilers was over about six minutes into the first period of Game 1. That was the biggest yawner of an Oilers playoff series since we breezed through Boston to win the Cup in 90.

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