Wednesday, July 12, 2006



Andy hit on most of the general highlights of the NHL schedule. Calgary's full sked is here, and features:
A few more notes from a very quick glance through things:
Lastly, a recurring question on the blog last season was, "Why do teams playing back-to-backs in Alberta always seem to play in Calgary the first night?" We counted, and they did: I figured it was probably a wash against Edmonton's greater number of back-to-backs and longer roadtrips.

Anyway, by my count, there are 9 occurrences this year of a road team playing on back-to-back nights in Calgary and Edmonton. 6 times they start in Calgary (DET, CBJ, CAR, PHX, MIN, NSH) and 3 times they open in Edmonton (PHX, LA, ANA). We'll see if the Oil can take a bit better advantage of it this time.


Ouch--I'd forgotten about the curling championships. The Eskimos got prison-punked the year we hosted the track-and-field worlds--I'd anticipate something similar here.

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