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Bloody online dating spam...

BWM, just moved east from Edmonton to the big city and trying to fit in. Enjoy: Sea Breezes, screaming at Bob & Harry when our team is on TV. Favourite player: (old) Glenn Anderson, (new) Wendel Clark. Go Maples!


As an Oilers fan I think it is best to just pretend that tonight's Flames-Leafs game doesn't even exist.

I honestly can't see any way to pick a side without disturbing consequences.

COME ON FLAMES! For a Flames fan living in Toronto, who happens to have girlfriend who is a leafs fan, this is a huge day for me. I'm glad the game isn't on tv out here or I might be on the futon when the Flames whip the Leafs.

6-2 Flames. GO FLAMES!

I haven't made a good prediction yet this season, but I will agreee with Dirk.

The Flames are going to toast the "leaves"

Calgary 6-3

What is most amazing about that photo is that it is not the same as this photo

Ya, that one is the real one. I have seen that guy on Kimmel before. He thinks he is really Peter Pan. I am surprised he hasn't been summoned to Neverland Ranch yet. Too old, I guess.

Ah, now that I look at it, the head on mine does look a little too big.

It was emailed to me at least two months ago; I've been waiting patiently since then to post it (wish I could have thought of better captioning in the meantime...).

off topic, but... has a couple of interesting quotes from players in the Oilers' organization..

"Guys come up and ask you, so politely, 'Georges, would you do me the honor? Could we go?' It's almost like they're asking for candy." - Oilers enforcer Georges Laraque

"I never had an attitude problem. Ever. Just because I asked for a trade doesn't mean I'm a spoiled brat." - Oilers prospect Rob Schremp talking about his reputation in junior hockey

Also at that link is trade talk involving the Flames - Olli Jokinen for Reinprecht; Owen Nolan coming to Cowtown; and Doug Weight possibly joining one of Alberta's teams. Highly unlikely scenarios (except maybe Jokinen/Reinprecht), but interesting all the same.

It'll be interesting to see which city of Calgary-Edmonton has more Leafs fans, and vocal leafs fans at that. I have a feeling it'll be Edmonton, unfortunately. (Although never underestimate all the transplanted Torontonians that have been forced to move to Calgary because it is a better business city)

Prediction: Flames win a squeaker of a low-scoring game (3-2). Then, once again, the very next night, the Oilers show-up the Flames by severely beating the Leafs (5-1).

Bob S -- I understand your dilemna. Back in the early 80's, the Oil had an exhibition game against the Russian national team. This was before Gorbachev, the Berlin Wall was up, the USSR was still the evil empire and had CCCP on their sweaters. Every Canadian hated those guys.

I still feel bad that i cheered for them (the CCCP that is).

I'll cheer for the Flames to soften up the Leafs for your heroes tomorrow.

Chanandler(?) touches on an interesting point: for all the crying I've heard this year about how many back-to-back games the Oil has had to play, I've lost count now of how many times they've played a home game against someone Calgary played the night before.

Yep, I guess Peter has it about right.

I'll cheer for a bloody tough game with punishing hits, exhausting shifts, and a finish that goes right down to the wire and results in a stomach punch loss for one of the teams.

Hey, maybe I am excited about this game afterall.

I just added it up. Sucks to be you.

The Flames have softened up a road opponent for a back-to-back in Edmonton 6 times (including tonight's game). But in one of those cases the back-to-back game in Edmonton was followed by a Edmonton-Calgary game in Calgary. (i.e., Dallas in Calgary on October 13, Dallas in Edmonton on October 14, Edmonton in Calgary on October 15).

The Oilers have only softened up a team for the Flames once.

Thanks guys!

OK, I counted. Toronto will be the 6th time that a team plays in Edmonton the night after playing in Calgary.

Edmonton has taken advantage of this fortunate scheduling, btw, to match the Flames result every time:

Oct - DAL - Loss
Oct - PHX - Loss
Nov - DET - Win
Nov - CHI - Loss
Jan - CHI - Win

Chanandler and Matt are right about the Oil getting fat off of the teams the Flames beat up before they head north. Ask Chicago how nice it feels.

I'm just glad I don't have school today cause wearing a Flames jersey on King St. or Yonge St. might get me shot in old T.O.


Nice research Matt. It's like I say "luck is often wasted on the dumb". Flames beat a team up and the Oil can only capitalize 50% of the time. Nice work boys, keep it up so the Flames can stay in first.

"Streaks" Donovan nets two and Flames win.

I think the back-to-back game theory is a little overrated, although I could be wrong. My theory is that if a team loses the frist game of a back-to-back then they are way more determined to win the next one. This goes even further if the team has to play all 3 western teams, Cal-Van-Edm. One loss out of 3 isn't bad, but if the team, lets say the Leafs, were to lose 2 of their first 3 games, they will be wayy more motivated to win the last one. So, its almost as if we're cheering for the Leafs to win tonight, because that way, they will be happy with a loss tomorrow knowing that they are still .500.

Of course this theory only works with good teams. Chicago obviously doesn't count, because I honestly think they like losing, or else have accepted it. Teams like Toronto, Dallas, Detroit and Ottawa are the ones who don't ever seem to lose 2 in a row.

Make sense? no? Didn't think so either.

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