Tuesday, July 18, 2006


The laffs just keep on coming

"Even prior to our current slump, Mike and I had been discussing the next phase for him," said Wang. "I have often challenged him about what he wanted to do when he grows up..."

I suppose that relative to when Neil Smith was hired, that quote is from eons ago. I don't get to do this that often, so I'd like to pat myself on the back for a nice prediction:
Well, whoever Milhouse chooses as a new GM, I'm sure it will be wise, and the result of many hours of serious drinkingthinking.

Today's events also serve as a good demonstration of Why Blogs Are Fun To Read; check out some of the guesses as to why Smith is toast. Abboud:
...if I had to guess, I would say he drew the ire of former GM and current VP Mike Milbury by not trading any of his goalies in his first month on the job.

I've heard the knock against Ted Nolan is that he's supposed to be a GM killer, but normally he doesn't work so fast.

[...]Maybe someone told Charles Wang that Smith's wife hated living in New York and wanted to move to Edmonton.

Commenter PPP at Mirtle's:
I guess Milbury couldn't stand seeing someone else making terrible decisions for his team.

And yet none of the comments inspire a chuckle more than anything that comes out of Charles Wang's mouth, like this:
"...Most importantly, Garth is a man of integrity, someone I trust will work hard, be creative and represent the Islanders with dignity."

Well, I guess somebody might as well. Good luck to Garth Snow -- I hope he's going into this with his eyes wide open.


Haha...oh what a farce.

Since Garth Snow retired with 2 years left on his contract, does his unpaid player salary count against the cap?

He now has to manage his own bad contract within his cap? Too weird!

The best comment I've seen is from Doogie in the CinOil post comments ... like firing Kevin Lowe and replacing him with Ty Conklin .. hahaha

Another awesome comment.

And now LaFontaine's jumped ship. This just keeps getting better.

Captain Highliner? Your ship is sinking.

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