Thursday, January 12, 2006


"Stay cool, Millie!"

So the delightful Mike "Milhouse" Milbury has not only fired his coach, but now he's stepped down (up?) as Isles GM. He'll now be the team president (hello, Dilbert Principle!) and choose his replacement as GM. The new GM will in turn hire a new coach (something called Brad Shaw will be the interim HC).

The obvious best candidate at the moment is Brent Sutter, but despite Brent's long and successful service with the Isles, the attraction might not be mutual (does that make him Lisa?). Long Island is a long way from Alberta, and as I mentioned last week, there's a decent chance that at least one job will be opening up this offseason that's a lot closer to home.

The worst thing about this, from an entirely self-interested perspective, is the timing. Removing Mike Milbury from the Isles' hockey operations is sure to release some fantastic (if temporary) karma, right before tonight's home game against the Flames. How psyched is Alexei Yashin going to be tonight?

Well, whoever Milhouse chooses as a new GM, I'm sure it will be wise, and the result of many hours of serious drinkingthinking.

Good luck to you, sir!!!

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