Sunday, July 02, 2006


The July Long Contract Weekend: A FA Open Thread

The Dominion Day spending orgy continues, with Jason Arnott signing a five-year contract with the Predators.

Existing payroll commitments and other info here. Most of the legwork is being done on TSN, Sportsnet, and Spector. Sportsnet has a tracker, and TSN tells us who is left, by team.


Sillinger gets a three-year deal from the Isles. These deals to old farts blow my mind.

Arnott will fit nicely with the Preds. They could really make some noise next year, if their goalie stays healthy.

Weight back to St. Louis, according to Hadley.

No big surprise, I suppose.

Sydor back to Dallas. Straka re-signs with Rangers. McCauley went to L.A. for $2 million a year, which is stupid money.

And Shean Donovan went to Boston.

McCauley is well worth 2 Million a year. It happens to be my Dog's favorite player as well, I have to clean up the carpet now as she has just soiled it in the excitement of Dean Lombardi and her new allegiance to the LA Kings... It's a family team, so that's cool, I guess. The Bitch is on her own though, I bleed copper and blue, can't wait to see the return we get on the Man Whore!

How the hell Doug Weight is worth $3.5 million a year is beyond me. Are we sure GMs know that they have a salary cap?

Salei to Florida. This leaves them with 2 D signed, and 5 RFA including Bouwmeester. I hope this doesn't mean that Keenan has dropped out of the Pronger auction.

Three million a year for Salei? Yikes. Defencemen are making a killing this weekend.

FYI, Allan, this link will give you the HTML to make a hyperlink. Much sexier than your very welcome and appreciated URLs.

Grabia, I'm curious as to how many trades will happen after the barrage of signings, so GM's can get under the cap.

Damn Elias!

What do I know, really, but the Blues are a case of new owners coming in and wanting to sign some hockey players. Great, except that seems to be the extent of their plan. $7.5 million a year for Jay McKee and Doug Weight? That could put a contending team over the top, though they'd be really paying for it in a year or two. A team in as rough shape as the Blues should be quiet as a mouse the first few days of July. But someone's got a new toy.

We could've really used Arnott. I know he probably wouldn't come back here because of the past but I'm telling you right now we're gonna need another dependable centre besides Horc.

Apparently, not one single GM looked at the 4 conference finalists and said -- ya know, that's the way to do it.

Instead, they are all pushing themselves up to the cap. I say that the teams with room will have the ability to add the needed depth at deadline again.

Be smart Kevin Lowe.

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