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Roloson Signs; FA Open Thread

Two down. The Oilers have signed Dwayne Roloson to a three year contract. Let me be the first to say that I think this is a very bad decision. That is way too long of a contract for a guy who will be 37 in October, and who has just come off a knee injury [edited]. $4 million for the first two years, and $3 for the last year? That is horrible. Let me repeat: HORRIBLE.. Anyone who attacked my belief that we should sign Hasek better not defend this decision.

The Cane's have signed The Inbreeder, Eric Staal. And the Devils have signed Jamie Langenbrunner.

Thoughts on the Roloson signing?

I'll try to update in the comments all day. Existing payroll commitments and other info here. Most of the legwork is being done on TSN, SportsNet, and Spector. SportsNet has a tracker, as well.


Surgery? I didn't hear anything about that. I thought it was just a serious strain which would heal with rest and physio.

In any case, I agree that the third year could ruin this deal. I guess it all depends on the money. If the deal is structured so that he could reasonably be used as a backup by the end, it could work. 3-2.5-1.5, or something like that.

I just pray it doesn't turn into a Belfour-level mess. Conklin was bad enough, but at least he was cheap.

But not to sound too negative. I think this will be a good thing for the team for at least one, probably two, and maybe even all three years. It certainly gives them a cushion while looking for a more permanent solution.

Sorry. Knee "injury." The point is, that contract could end up a HUGE liability. My understanding is that if he retires, his contract continues to count against the cap. If it is top-loaded, then fine, although I am sceptical that he was the best choice.

I wasn't trying to be a smartass. I just thought I might have missed something.

With the apparent buyer's market for goalies, I hope he came relatively cheap. This sounds a bit like Lowe is trying to make the point that some players actually like being in Edmonton. Or maybe it's just "the devil you know" being the safer move in his mind, after a few years of ugly goaltending.

Agreed that three years is too long. The $ will be the deciding factor in all this. I hope he's no more than 2.5 per. There were a lot of goalies in the UFA pool this year...

That said, doubt a retirement will cause cap problems for the Oil (especially if the $ are reasonable). They're not a team that's likely to be bumping up against it as they focus more on a "budget" than the cap. In other words, real $ spent is the priority in Edmonton, vs. cap $ spent. An example this year--not that he'd fit in the locker room--is Tkachuk. His cap hit is $2 million more than the contract pays out this season. For the Oil, that kind of contract is no problem, while the Canucks/Devils/Avs couldn't pick up a player like that.

- Rod

No, Allan. it was my bad. I wasn't being sarcastic.

Sportsnet says $11MM. 4-4-3. That's the end of me defending this deal.

I get your point, Rod, but a budget is essentially their own cap. It still hurts their ability to sign others if they get stuck with his contract.

My God. $2.5 a year for Pisani, and $4 million for Roloson? Does this mean we can expect Shawn Horcoff to sign for $7 million a year? Wouldn't that money have been better served on Elias?

Yikes. 4-4-3 is indefensible... Waaaay too much KLowe.

C.Joseph, one and a half years older, got $1m last year, on a one year deal. Played well in Phoenix, and garnered another one year contract-for $2m. Tell me which was/is a better deal...

With the glut of available goalies, 4-4-3 is clearly too much...both in terms of years *and* dollars.

- Rod

Ronald McDonald has re-signed with the Canes.

If a player retires, the contract counts against the cap...but is the player still paid? I'm not familiar enough with the CBA to know...

- Rod

I know the guy's on the backend of 30 but this was the first major injury he suffered and as much as I like to rag on the org I trust they've done due diligence on DR"s condition and acted accordingly.

I would've liked to have seen a two year plus a team option at 3 per so this is one year plus 5 mill per than I would've liked to have seen spent.

I think Lowe overpaid here and fell into the devil you know attitude with netminders which is what he's done since the days of He Who Shall Not Be Named...or at least not today anyway;)

That being said DR's always had a great PCT and has always been healthy so while I think this is a bit of an overpay I don't think it's disasterous either.

Of course there might also be an overpay factor if trying to keep some goodwill with the fans and making sure you spend enough money to keep them happy.

Fans won't be happy if the Oilers aren't getting to the 40 mill area and with Pronger and Peca coming off the books the money will be spent somewhere.

FYI, option years are gone with the new CBA. The only options left are from existing contracts signed under the old CBA.

I still say it was too much considering the market... Let's see what Gerber signs for...

- Rod

My belief is that Lowe is falling victim to the Oilers playoff success. It's the exact opposite of what Theo Epstein did after the Sox won the World Series. You can be sentimental about players when they don't cost alot (see Le GG), but to spend $4 million dollars on a career back-up goalie and $2.5 on a forward who scored 18 goals in the regular season because they played well in 20-something playoff games is nothing other than nostaligic management. Obviously I don't know the full situation, and I think we'll learn that once we see where other goalies go and for how much, but for now I am nonplussed.

It appears that Chara has signed with the Kings. That takes L.A. out of the Pronger hunt. I have no idea whether that hurts or helps our ability to move him.

And I haven't wanted to say anything, but it appears that we are home-free on the Tomas Kaberle front, no?

what else could he have done?

Tried to land Toivenen in a Pronger package, made a bid for Gerber or traded with the Habs for Abeischer.

WOOO HOOOOO!!! Jovo signed with Phoenix!!! Cmon Keenan, pick up that phone!!!

And the previous reports were wrong. TSN is reporting that Chara has signed with the Bruins.

Toronto signs Kubina to five year 20 million. Breathe a sigh of relief Grabia.

Wait, sorry, make that a four year 20 million dollar deal. Seems a little steep?

Yup. I am happy. Why the hell would Toronto sign Kubina if they already have McCabe and Kaberle, though? Are they planning on moving McCabe?

I think they plan on sucking, which is par for the course.

In case anyone missed the memo, the Leafs are fucking crazy.

The Roli contract? Yeah, let's shave $1M off each year, and we might have something.

Finally, yay for most of the defensive "studs" (real or perceived) being off the market already. Lowe should be able to cash in by the Fourth.

I wish Jovo had signed in the east. Yeesh, that's gonna hurt.

My God. $2.5 a year for Pisani, and $4 million for Roloson? Does this mean we can expect Shawn Horcoff to sign for $7 million a year? Wouldn't that money have been better served on Elias?

I have to agree with you Grabia, what is Lowe thinking? Nostalgia won't do you any good when your aging goaltender is in pieces, and Fernando's 18 goals are now worth nearly $140,000 each!

Savard also signs with the Bruins, for 4 mill a year. That's not bad, although he won't be as good without Hossa and Kovalchuk.

Where the hell is everyone today? Are people actually out enjoying Dominion Day? Gross.

I feel better about Rolli and Saint Fernando after seeing the type of money flying around today. 5 million a year for Kubina? Ridiculous.The market is angry today, my friends!

The GM's must think they are made of money or something.

Mind you, there aren't any 8 million Holik's out there just yet. 7.5 for Chara is insane too, IMO.

The Bruins are now over the $30 million mark, with about 11 players signed.

Mind you, there aren't any 8 million Holik's out there just yet.

Really? You don't think the Kubina deal is?

I think Kubina will hold his own, unlike Holik who fell apart after signing his big contract.

That being said, Kubina is definitely not a four million dollars defenceman.

That contract for Roloson is beyond absurd. If I didn't have to MC at my only paternal cousin's wedding reception shortly, I'd blow it off and put something up. As it is, I'll have to wait a few days.

The Pisani number seems to climb with each retelling as well. Calisse.

Hey TSN, could you please give a total for your team payroll commitments, please?

Lowe is still doing better than a lot of guys though. I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that I predicted the way that the money is going. There's going to be a bit of market distortion here I think. Too much money for the high end guys means that there should be good mid-level bargains.

If I didn't have to MC at my only paternal cousin's wedding reception shortly...

Work it into some jokes. Throw in the Kubina, Hal Gill stuff if you are in Toronto. You'll KILL.

If I was a GM today, I'd be driving up prices, but not buying. By the end of the day, everyone will literally have blown their load, and some good players will be available for cheap.

Two million a year for Hal Gill? Are you kidding me?Has Isaiah Thomas taken over Ferguson's body? $17 million on four defencemen.


I have to concur with the masses that Roloson is getting too much money despite putting up Conn Smyth worthy numbers in the playoffs. Its a huge contract which three years from now might dog us. On the other hand its probably livable for this year, and possibly next year. On the upside it seems like Roloson spends alot of time training and preparing for his role in net. Its too much money but I'm happy to see Rolli back.

And how awesome is it that Gretzsky and company rode in and saved the possibility of a Florida deal by whisking Jovocop out from under Keenan's nose.

There are some truly dim GM's. Kubina? Gill? Chara for that money? Those Bruins deals make me think they expect to be able to get Zhamnov off the cap.

The Oiler deals seem almost defensible by comparison, or at least the Pisani deal. I do remember teams making a big splash after the lockout last year, though, that didn't really live up to expectations, like Philly or Columbus. Panic is a pretty useless M.O. I think a few of these guys have succumbed.

In other news, GM John Ferguson Jr. named Orderly Turkle assistant GM and Nurse Mildred Ratched director of player personnel.

On the other hand, is there anything that's going to be quite as funny as how bad both the Leafs and the Bruins are going to be with these signing? They're both going to be able to ice..what two lines?

"If I was a GM today, I'd be driving up prices, but not buying. By the end of the day, everyone will literally have blown their load, and some good players will be available for cheap."

hahaha, well said!

The only reason why the Leafs could suck this year could be their goaltending. I don't trust any of those guys to perform well long term. But I like some of their youth up front, and I like Paul Maurice, who will preach defence.

The only reason why the Leafs could suck this year could be their goaltending.

And thir forwards, and their defence, and their assistant coach. And their trainer. And their waterboy. And the equipment manager. And their location.

They still have a team full of lame ducks. Raycroft will need to morph into something really special really quickly, or else the Leafs will be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs by December 15th.

Well, I'm pretty sure I'd rather have Pisani at $2.5MM than Savard at $4MM.

The Roloson contract stinks. It had to be a buyer's market for goaltending and Lowe cashed out early.

I totally agree with Tyler about what this CBA means to the salary distribution of NHL teams. The middle class gets thinned out overall, so the UFAs that hang around will soon be unable to find any cap room to land on. It's multimillion dollar musical chairs.

Lowe ought to bill Pronger (whichever one) for a million a year of the Roloson contract. I don't think you overpay for Roloson that badly if you're not losing Pronger.

Oh no, there's another Matt. This will be confusing...

Vancouver signed Willie Mitchell. 4yrs/$14MM. I was hoping he'd come here, but that's a steep price. I'm having trouble seeing how the Canucks can afford him and still ice a full team.

Add a Fenwick to your name, Fenwick.

The Mitchell money is high, but nothing surprises me today.

Vancouver is at around $34 million, with 12 players signed. That means they have about 10 million left to fill out about 10 roster spots.

Dear lord, Willie Mitchell? Wow, that was unexpected.

The Canucks are going to have quite a new look to them.

Mitchell's money is exactly what he wanted from Minny, and the reason he was traded to Dallas to begin with.

I now officially dislike the Ducks' new logo. Just seeing that D-foot in the Sportsnet tracker makes me wonder what is wrong with the world. That opinion may change, but I don't like the odds of it.

Yup, I'm gonna love watching Vancouver squirm under the cap. At least you can count on one thing...

Temujin said...
The Canucks are going to have quite a new look to them.

Especially if they let the 3rd d-pairing and the bottom six forwards wear their Manitoba Moose jerseys.

Ahh Tejimum but to save money they could also buy a Manitoba Canucks plane and fly them back and forth between Winnipeg and Vancouver.

So, regarding Roloson, did they wait until after 12 noon today in order to avoid paying Minnesota the conditional 3rd-round pick?

Or was he signed before?

Damn, I was hoping we were going to sign Joe Corvo but apparantly Muckler is a step ahead of Lowe on that one. He would have been an excellent second pairing guy. Damn, I'm hoping we resign Spacek now as he's the best left.

McKee has signed with the Blues, Gerber has signed with the Sens, and Osgood is back in Detroit. Oh, and Philly added another d-man who can't skate, in Nolan Baumgartner.

I'm really curious as to what Gerber went for.

How much of a barometer for Roloson is he? Should he be worth more, less, the same?

Gerber should make LESS than Roloson. But as it stands today, I wouldn't be suprised if he gets a sweet deal.

"They still have a team full of lame ducks. Raycroft will need to morph into something really special really quickly, or else the Leafs will be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs by December 15th."

Frick off! Leaf players play with heart. By the way, they have 14 guys signed and have spent almost the same as the Canucks so far. Be afraid! You will lose Carter now, and have to rely on a bunch of Moose to fill the rest of your roster. Personally I like the young crop of Leafs better.

Anyway, I REALLY wonder if Elias is on the move. I hope he doesn't go to the Rangers. I'd rather see him in the Western Conference.

Okay Blake to LA I don't like. I don't think they're going to take on two 6 million dollar d-men so that probably puts them out of the running. Hello Bobby Clark, Mike Keenan, this is the Oilers calling.

Was the size of Roloson's contract directly proportional to the threats his agent made about how much Detroit wanted him.

With Tampa resolving its situation yesterday, this really seemed like it was meant to prevent Detroit or Ottawa from getting him.

Pricey, so I hope it works.

I'm hoping we're after Markov or Kuba in addition to Spaceck now.

Blake to L.A. I know it has been said. I just want to be diligent in adding the link.

Gerber is cheaper than Roloson, but not by much ($11.1 over three years). I am still stunned by how much quan has been dropped today.

I am too, Grabia. Yergh, it's insane.

Sakic signed to a one year deal worth 5.75 million last week. Is McCabe worth the same as Sakic? How about Jovo? Chara worth more than Burnaby Joe?


Sorry, added the last name. (I think.) I'm Blogger's bitch.

These inflated salaries are ridiculous. I guess as long as the cap goes up teams can afford spending, but really though, this will backfire eventually. What is McKee getting now? 4 million? Fucking please!
Where are all the contracts with incentives?
Ah, Kuba went to T Bay, for too much.
Any guesses on where Shanahan is going?

Ouch..the Wild are owning this offseason. On the other hand Denver seems to be bleeding talent like crazy. But I don't like any team we play against on a regular basis getting better. Stupid Bettman and his schedual.

I can't keep up. We are approaching 30 signings for the day. Mark Parrish, Keith Carney, and Kim Johnsson have signed with the Wild, and Andrei Zyuzin has signed with the Flames. Tyler Arnoson also signed with the Avalance. The Northwest Division was already the sickest in hockey, and it appears to be getting better.Although why Calgary needed ANOTHER defenceman is beyond me.

Good lord. 7 years for a 30 year old? Elias is very good, and the 6 million per is okay, even reasonable by this afternoon's standards, but 7 years? If Lou Lamoriello is the league's resident genius, what's that say about the league?

Hey, just got back from some great Dominion Day stuff in Oshawa.

So, what's going on?

Holy Shit!

Another wild and wacky first day of free agency.

Pisani? A little much.

Rolo? Sure thing.

But its small potatoes compared to what some of these teams have done to themselves for this season and those to come.

Some of these deals make the Marty Lapointe/Bill Guerin/Bobby Holik deals of years gone by look, well, reasonable.

Now watch Lowe come a calling, picking up the unwanted from those teams bumping against the cap.

Thank you.

From The Complete Yes, Prime Minister, pages 378-9:

[Hacker's intention to make this announcement even when he was well aware of the risk involved was a result of what is known to the logicians in the Civil Service as the Politicians' Syllogism:

Step One: We must do something.
Step Two: This is something
Step Three: Therefore we must do this.

Logically, this is akin to other famous syllogisms, such as:

All dogs have four legs.
My cat has four legs.
Therefore my dog is a cat.

Similarities to today, anyone?

Calgary snags Zyuzin? Jesus, could I please have one piece of unambivalent good news this off-season?

Ah, nothing like British humour to summarize a lunatic day at the FA table.

The good news would be that we will be vastly overpaid for Pronger early next week, when it's largely cleanup.

I just wonder where Chicago was in all this. Not a peep from one of the worst NHL teams.

Not a peep from one of the worst NHL teams.

And you are surprised, why?

The Elias deal is retarded. Retarded!!

If had to pay Roloson and Pisani that much to come back, I'm kind of depressed thinking about how much are RFAs are going to get. Which will basically leave us hard pressed to ice them, a second pairing d-man and rookies to flesh out the lines. While adding hopefully a first pairing d-man and a top six forward as a replacement for pronger.

Well, the Hawks did sign Lalime as their backup. In fact, they liked him so much, they signed him twice, according to Sportsnet.

Arnott to the Preds. 5 years, 22.5 million. Nashville was a team that could spend a bit of money to get to the salary mid point, and still get revenue sharing. It does fill a need if he produces 60 points or more a year.

I just read that Chicago is making a serious pitch for Pronger right now.
I'm gonna say that I like the Elias deal. That guy is money in the bank.

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