Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Circus, Circus

To update Matt's post on the gong show on Long Island, reports are that Hall-of-Famer Pat LaFontaine has resigned. Memo to Ted Nolan: RUN!!!

Pierre Lebrun said on The Score tonight that he actually had to email the story to a GM today, because the GM thought Lebrun was pulling a prank on him. He refused to believe it until he saw actual evidence. And here's a semi-serious question: since Garth Snow is now the General Manager, as well as a player still under contract to the Islanders, can he trade himself to another team? I wonder how this went over with the League Office?

If I was a General Manager, I'd be calling and asking about Rick DiPietro right now. He's an RFA, this team is stupid enough to do anything, and they seem to have a goalie thing going on. Plus, Snow would finally be able to get that starting position back. Pick up the phooone...


Didn't Snow retire? If yes, can teams trade the contracts of players who have retired?

Ya. But the whole thing is so crazy, I wouldn't be surprised by anything at this point.

This whole thing is retarded. Who's the worst owner in the league now? Charles Wang or Bill Wirtz? Tough call.

Yeah, he's retired (as af two hours before becoming GM), but I think his contract still counts against the cap, because of his age.

Party on Wang! Party on Garth!

Is there a market where you can short NYI stock? Whats the over/under for point total for 06/07? 65? 70?

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