Monday, June 19, 2006


Weir feeling a little queasy

I just sent one last toothpick thru Stan Weir -- the "upper-left-logo" region. I don't seriously expect the Oil to play with no heart, but 2-1 Canes, Stillman with the GWG. Go time.


I don't seriously expect the Oil to play with no heart...

You obviously wrote that before the 1st period. No hitting, no forecheck, too much line juggling to match up with Joey Camel-Vag-Face. We look as shitty as Carolina did in Game 6.

The ugliest mofo (Brindamour) just raised the Stanley Cup, and for yet another Finals award ceremony, nobody with a high-powered air rifle put a bullet in the side of Gary Bettman's skull.

Meanwhile yet again, the weak Eastern division raises the cup by the virtue of the high powered Western teams tearing each other apart for 3 series. On the bright side, its not Toronto.

Congrats Doug Weight I'm glad he got to play for a winner,

Congratulations Stan, you had a helluva run. Good luck to the Flames next year.

Yeah good job for Weight, but it would have been sweeter if Mike Commodore could have gained a reputation as "great guy to cost you a Stanley Cup finals lead".

The parade down Whyte Ave is starting right now... what's with that?

I am personally taking on all of the bad karma for Oiler nation, and watching every last minute of the 'Canes celebration, despite the tears in my eyes. I will take on this horrible task for the Oilers, so that when next year rolls around, we WILL get the bounces, and we will get another chance to raise the cup.

Long live the Oilers!

What's the over/under for stabbing deaths on Whyte Ave. tonight?

I just came from there. I don't think people have enough energy left to fight cops.

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