Saturday, June 17, 2006


Stanley Cup Finals - Game 6


Rarely have I been so disappointed to be right, if only partly. My Game 5 Preview picked the Oil in OT; apparently, my streak of correctly picking Dvorak to be good offensively was destined to end at one.

Party's over, methinks. Staal got off easy for his part in the game-winning shorty on Wednesday, but I'm betting he's perky tonight. Plus, Jussi is due, ifyouknowwhatImean.

Tonight's Prediction: 4-1 Canes (Pisani).

Play Fair!


The Hurricanes might have Cole back but it won't make any difference - Edmonton 4 Carolina 2.

They've battled back to force game 7 and they have all the momentum on their side.4-0 whooo!


Never let it be said that I didn't show up after a butt-reaming like that.

That was just sick, sad, and pathetic on the part of the Hurricanes.

gg (good game) Oilers

Can't say I'd be as gracious under similar circumstances, AQ. Good on ya.

Well, what is there to say? The 'Canes played like complete and total ass out there tonight--and when you play like that, you kinda sorta really deserve to get your head handed to you.

Too bad I don't have any Rumple Minze in the house, cos I really feel like going on my first real bender in about 14 1/2 years.

Ward played well for the Hurricanes but the rest of Carolina's team didn't show up to do much other than take a bunch of penalties. That said I'm entirely in agreement with Grabia's proclaiming of Pisani's Sainthood. One more Oiler win and we can say Pisani has surpassed Peter Klima and John Druce as pure playoff gold.

What a game! Yes Carolina played like ass, but the Oilers were on fire. Some beautiful plays and goals. I almost cried. Whyte ave is on fire.

Sacamano: did you see the game? Where are your comments?

- D

Sacamano is very far away, eating instant porridge for supper, using old issues of Soviet Life as toilet paper, and dreaming the dreams that are, for the rest of us, real, supersaturated, unbelieveable life.

4-1 Canes

There you go again, always picking the Oilers. What't that-- like, the 15th time in a row?


Hmm... very nice. I sense danger in Redneckvile and for sure we will see a better team in gm7. That being said, I don't think the Oil will be taking them lightly as last night's game showed... they never letup with 2-0 and 3-0 leads and at this point in the playoffs I think their experience in previous series and facing adversity is really paying off. One more game for all the marbles, you couldn't ask for anything better in this new NHL.

Should be a doozy...


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