Friday, November 25, 2005


Battle Game Day (Lopsided Edition)

2005/10/20: EDM 1 @ CGY 3
2005/10/15: EDM 0 @ CGY 3
2004/03/09: EDM 1 @ CGY 1
2003/12/28: CGY 2 @ EDM 1
2003/12/23: EDM 1 @ CGY 2
2003/11/15: CGY 1 @ EDM 2 (OT)
2003/10/25: CGY 4 @ EDM 2
2003/10/14: EDM 0 @ CGY 1
2003/04/05: CGY 4 @ EDM 1
2003/03/11: EDM 5 @ CGY 2 (Ta-da!)
2003/02/07: CGY 4 @ EDM 3
2003/01/20: EDM 3 @ CGY 4

Wow. In the last twelve games between Calgary and Edmonton, we have nine Flames regulation wins, one Oilers regulation win, one Oilers overtime win, and one tie.

Remember this movie? I barely do either, but it was #1 at the box office the last time Edmonton beat Calgary in regulation. Heady days.

The bad news for the Flames tonight is that Dvorak is going to be super-motivated, having been released from Peca's line (now he has two linemates to help him create scoring chances, instead of just one). Just look at what happened with Hemsky when they untied that anchor from him.

In all seriousness, the demotion of Peca to the 4th line speaks well of Craig Mactavish. It shows that he's not worried about what money Peca makes, just what he can do on the ice, even though it might be embarrassing to Kevin Lowe, which by the way, it should be.

But back to the Flames: they're the hottest team in the NHL right now. Tonight is the last game of a stretch where they play 10 of 12 at home. They've won both of their road games, and 8 of their 9 home games (all in regulation time). They're 8-2 in the Northwest Division.

And possibly best of all, they've done it without the guy who probably figures to be their #1 centreman: Matthew Lombardi remains out with a high ankle sprain. In 20-odd games, it has become received wisdom in Calgary that Daymond Langkow is not a "#1 centre" (as you may recall from the preseason, I agree). Right now Reinprecht is centering Iginla (and Kobasew), but when Lombardi gets back to full speed, he's more intense and better offensively than Rhino.

If you need a reminder of what M.L. can do, check the highlights from the Dallas home opener. Iginla is the only other guy on the team who could make those two passes for primary assists.

The previous Coach Sutter used to say that the most important game on a roadtrip was the last home game before you took off. I doubt this bears out statistically, but I expect a strong performance tonight before the Flames head out for five on the road.

Eventually, the Oil is going to win one of these games, but I don't see much reason why it should be tonight. I think Calgary wins 4-3, and we finally see some fireworks and pissed-off players. Go Flames.


Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. -English Proverb

"If we get through these three games (in Calgary) at 1-2 then there's a pretty good likelihood we can do the same in our own building," said Oilers head coach Craig MacTavish.

From -
Battle stations Nov.25
By SCOTT ZERR -- Edmonton Sun

Possibly he misspoke, but more likely MacTavish is just being realistic.

Yeah, I'm sure what he intended to say was that they could go 2-1 in 3 home games against Calgary, but that's most definitely not what he actually said.

On the other hand, the mis-speak is probably more plausible than his actual intent.

Freudian slip, I'm sure.

His mind was most likely somewhere Peca.. er, else. I meant somewhere "else".

Note that the Oilers currently have the best road record of all NW division teams, despite playing the most road games.

Big win for the Oil tonight.

Calgary at home = 10-2-1

Edmonton on the road = 8-7-0

A fire devoureth before them; and behind them a flame burneth; the land is as the garden of Eden before them, and behind them a desolate wilderness; yea and nothing shall escape them. (4) The appearance of them is as the appearance of horses; and as horsemen, so shall they run. (5) Like the noise of chariots on the tops of mountains shall they leap, like the noise of a flame of fire that devoureth the stubble, as a strong people set in battle array. - Joel 2: 3-5

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