Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Sha-Na-Na-Na . . .

. . . Sha-Na-Na-Na, Hey Hey Hey, Good-bye.

I can't lie, it's bittersweet.

While it's fun as hell to see the Flames lose, I'm a more than a little bit bummed that the Hockey God who appeared in Matt's tortilla and told him to start this site with me turned out to be nothing but teflon shavings from the Fenwick frying pan.

I wonder if Team Canada has any interest in a young D-man who went -3 in the biggest game of his career, or a high priced scorer who only managed to put up 1 shot in 24+ minutes of playing time.


Oh happy day....Oh happy day....When Anaheim washed...Washed the Flames away!!!

Team Canada needs players with character. None of the Flames are eligible.

Wooo hooo!!!

Hey Flames fans, time to pack up your Sport Chek smelling jerseys for the spring and break out the golf gear. Enjoy the division title anyway...

Someone should comment on Niedermayer and Iginla's shift charts. Looks like Nieds did a not too bad job at shutting him down, despite being overrated or some such garbage.

The greatest thing is, Oiler fans can say pretty much any damn thing they want right now, and it still isn't unjustified. As an Oiler fan, the past two years have been excruciating, listening to Flames fans go on and on about their superiority over the Oilers.

There you have it though, this season's conclusion to the battle that has never really been a battle, just a rivalry.

Ah, but again: it's bittersweet. Always tough to see a Canadian team lose to an American Disney-fied expansion franchise that no one cares about.

On the plus side for the Oilers, the best goalie in the playoffs has been knocked out.

And of course:
The Battle of Alberta IS OURS!!

Hate to say it, but Kiprusoff really got Belarused on that second goal.

Great game by the Ducks.

Where's all the Flames fans tonight? They're home! Washing their tights!

Who would've thunk it? The Flames fail to hold up their end of the bargain on a potential Battle of Alberta. I'm shocked really.

This was the series that I thought was in the bag in the West. All the other upsets were somewhat easy to rationalize (especially with copper and blue glasses on ;) ) but this one is hard to believe.

Hey, Armitage just gave Iggy the ole "You have a good young team with great prospects for the future" speech. Beauty.

Good evening to be an Oiler fan. I'd like to see that smug look wiped off Burke's face in the next round, though.

I don't think Anaheim will hold up too long. Their defence is a Chinese fire drill one-third of the time and Corey Perry's probably got a broken ankle. Unlike Calgary, Colorado has scoring talent--and probably enough jam to win a series if they get up 3-2*.

*Calgary now has back-to-back losses in this situation

Iginla had 1 shot. Phaneuf was -3. Ouch, at least the Flames got the playoff revenue out of this game. They got little else out of it.

That was a nice shot of the asphalt mile in the third period. I guess the hardcore fans decided to get an early start planning for Stampede.

Its a tough night to be a Flames fan. But no matter how good defensively you are, you can't win with zero goals. You really see how much the Flames missed Craig Conroy, and the secondary scoring they got in '04 dried up this year; Amonte wasn't able to replace Gelinas. I thought Dion struggled this series, but the Flames defense is pretty solid going into the future. Definitely need a no. 1 centreman, that might allow Langkow to move down, or deal him and groom Lombardi for no. 2 line. But this is all rearranging the deck chairs tonight, the good ship Flames has hit the iceberg and the water is getting cold...

Canadian schmadian...I could care less about any team not based in Edmonton.

And there's nothing bitter about this loss at all. Who's to say the Oilers could've even won the BOA? I'm sure they'd outchance the Flames but Kipper would probably make 40 saves a night if he had to.

Now in this scnario the Flames are DONE for the season and we get to keep enjoying hockey.

Regarding playing SJ vs Cgy..Netminding edge to Cgy. Defense edge to Cgy even though Phaneuf played like postseason garbage.

When it comes to forwards then yes SJ has the edge but they scored a lot of their goals vs Nsh on the PP. The Oilers withstood the same kind of thing vs Det. The difference is that SJ's penalty killing sucks.

Anyone remember jhucks comments in the "Give Iggy the goods" thread? Someone make him eat his words now please. All 3000 of them.

and Corey Perry's probably got a broken ankle.

You must not have seen much of Perry before. He came back and played the last little shift after the empty-netter.

In another season or two, the Ducks trainer won't even bother coming onto the ice anymore when Perry's flopping around.


Hey Sac, you already have Sharks blogs up!

I think with this you win the Molson Cup of Oilers blogging.

Yeah, but some of those guys actually have Oiler material up. It's like they were expecting us or something . . .

I was impressed there actually was Shark blogs

Is/was Phaneuf the most overrated rookie in recent history? -7 in this series and Neil Sheehy saw more of Selanne's line than did Dion.

So what I want to know is: is the entire city of Calgary going to jump on the Oilers bandwagon this year the way Edmontonians (embarrassingly) turned into Flames fans in 2004? My guess is, probably not. Flames fans probably have enough self-respect to avoid that.

BTW: I really like Teemu Selanne. He's a great player and he's driven. Taking Finland to the silver medal and turning Anaheim into a contender in the latter half of the season.

some edmontonians just like calgary boobies. plus jerome, like messier, is from our slutty suburb. a friend of mine from calgary said there were alot of flames car flags pitched on the streets the next day. that's something YOU WOULD NEVER SEE IN EDMONTON. love that red cryle you fairweather bandwagoneers.

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