Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Quiet... too quiet.

Well, well... I sincerely thought before the playoffs that the Flames-Ducks series would be the first one that was over, but with Buffalo and Carolina both winning tonight, it's gonna be the last.

I'm starting to get a little edgy, and at the bottom of it all is this: I'm not ready for the season to be over. When the Hockey God appeared to me in a vision and told me to start this site with Sacamano, I don't think it was so it could end with a 7-game loss to the Anaheim Mighty Ducks and a 4-game sweep by the San Jose Sharks. I think it was for the showdown, man.

The Wednesday night forecast for the Red Mile is "Clear. Wind north 20 km/h becoming light in the evening. Low minus 2." Perfectly amenable for a brief but spirited celebration, under the expectation of more to come.


The good news is that House just shot a dead guy in the head so that he could give him an MRI.

And Dr. Cox actually called J.D. by his real name for the first time in 5 years on Scrubs.

...a 4-game sweep by the San Jose Sharks.

Heh, I think I know what you mean but — what?

Scrubs is still on?

puYup. The best show on t.v, Mirtle.

And I suspect Fenwick is trying to say that if the Flames lose, the Oil will be sweeped in four by the Sharks. He's just lashing out in fear.

Stupid blogger.

Heh, as I recall, Edmonton fared not too badly against SJ this season, even after the arrival of Saint Joe.

I think the Flames are going to come out tonight, get a goal early, and just when Anaheim pulls the momentum and looks ready to equalize, Lombardi or someone like that is going to score a dagger early in the third period. Add an empty-netter with about 45 seconds left. 3-0 Flames.

Ah you call smell the desperation...

I bet Flames fans would give anything to have Gelinas, or even Conroy back on the team for tonight's game. They have a severe lack of anyone stepping up.

But hey, maybe tonight one Flamer will go through the "Hemsky transformation" and score 2 beautiful goals to win the game, at which point, all Flamer fans will cheer and say to each other "I was just kidding when I said that he sucked."

"I was just kidding when I said that he sucked."

I believe the actual quote from Oiler fans was, "That's the type of production we should be getting from a guy who outscored every single player from our main rival this year by 10 points."

Note: Samsonov with an assist on both the game tying and game winning goal in the series clinching game. Wonder if Lundmark's gonna dress tonight?


Had it just about right - just not the team. The Battle of Alberta awaits another year, as the top four teams in the West are gone.

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