Friday, May 12, 2006


Oilers-Sharks Game Day IV


I think Chopper speaks for all Oil fans when he says:
It would be more enjoyable if we were up in the series," said Moreau. "But I love this hockey - it's great, it's fast, it's physical. It's a great product. It's two teams that are competing very hard, two teams that skate well.
True dat.

I have no grand observations other than I think that the winner of this game will win the series.

Other random stuff:

As Shaye Gannon pointed out on this morning's Global News, Ryan Smyth ain't so tough. When Jason Smith requires stitches, he refuses to even leave the bench. Now, that's tough. And don't even get me started about how tough Stan Weir is.

Ron Wilson also pointed out that Smytty is "nothing special." "We have had plenty of guys get their teeth knocked out in major situations and come back" Some other amusing Wilson highlights:
Funny guy.

It sounds like Michalek will be back for the Sharks tonight, which is somewhat concerning. He was already blowing by our D before they all played the equivalent of 4 games in 4 nights. The Marleau line really seemed to suffer without him.

Wilson also mentioned that there is a "good chance" that "The Sheriff" Scott Parker will be in the Sharks' lineup. As if. The guy has played 10 games this year and brings nothing except the potential for a bunch of penalties? Is anyone on Edmonton really going to be intimidated by this clown?

Sacamano's Keys to the Game:
Prediction: 4-2 Oil (Moreau, Moreau shortie, Pronger, and Horc with the empty netter)

I'll be watching this one from Golf Town, so I doubt that I'll be back with a post-game recap; but I'm sure the CinO boys will have an appropriately angst ridden and/or deliriously crude post to satisfy your needs to vent and/or carouse.

Go Oil!


Ron Wilson is also an idiot.

Hopefully my ability to restore order to the Oilers Universe won't be tainted by the fact that you are going to Calgary. I mean, of all the gin joints...

If we lose, this is SOOOOO on you.

Yeah, but think how fun it will be to run up and down 17th Avenue, flashing my man-boobs and swinging my Oilers flag. I can't wait.

NHL2K6 has game 4 ending up 6-5 San Jose, Marleau with 4 goals, and Smyth and Horcoff 2 each.

Even on that game the refs were screwing the calls.

If the series comes back to San Jose tied 2-2, it is going to be time to break out the South Bay's secret weapon. MC Hammer.

What's the ruling on my growth, now? Do I go back to a normal shaving routine, or must I shave before every game now? Some help here people, if Sac has already stolen away to the City of Champagne Hockey Fans. We only have 6 hours.

My Predators were helpless after Ron Wilson got in the refs heads in Round 1. I don't know why they buy his b.s., but buy it they do.

Stay strong, Oil.

Oh, and I pray Scott Parker plays for them. That guy is a world class stiff on skates. Edmonton will mop the ice with his sloppy carcass.

I dunno Dave. Wilson was complaining about goalie interference all series along and the refs sure seemed to stick it to him in Game 3. That one backfired. Watch them refuse to call any goalie interference from here on out.

On the shaving I'd argue it's moved from the realm of 'playoff beard' to 'game-day ritual' and as such should proceed exactly as before game 3.
But I'm no authority...

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Agreed, Jameso. I have made the decision to shave immediately.

where's the prediction for the Dvorak goal? worked on Wednesday...

Aw crap! You're right. The puck hasn't dropped -- I'm switching Ethan's first goal for Radek.

Grabia you bastard! Was there something ambiguous about these instructions?

"You don't need to start growing another playoff beard; but if you do decide to try again, you better be committed to letting her ride until the very end. If you inappropriately shave it a second time I can't predict what might happen."

What the hell is the matter with your brain!?

"You don't need to start growing another playoff beard; but if you do decide to try again, you better be committed to letting her ride until the very end. If you inappropriately shave it a second time I can't predict what might happen."

So I don't need to grow another one, but I am getting in trouble for shaving? How the hell does that make sense? My shave was "appropriate." Don't try and redirect Spacek's awful play on me. You are the one who fled town. If we lose, it is ALL YOUR FAULT.

Oh man, the very fact that you didn't decide to shave until only hours ago tells me that you were growing a beard and then flip-flopped. If that isn't the case, it at least demonstrates a remarkable lack of foresight,

When the hell did we get a 3rd goal scored on us? Why are they acting like we saw that?

I can't control the growth, you know? I don't have some mutant power whereby I can control hair growth at will. The question was whether I should shave on my normal schedule or do it before every game. There was no flip-flop.

Tried to listen to the game on internet radio (I'm in Taiwan) but the Oilers feed wasn't working and I had to listen to the SJ guys.

Unbelievably vitriolic. I haven't heard such moaning since Gigli.

Hey hey, you were right and i was wrong. shave away my friend, shave away

Hells ya! Chris and I have reached perfect facial hair harmony. He grows, I cut, we all win.

That's it exactly. You two are the Oilers Playoff Beard Yin and Yang. Brilliant.

sacamano - is your wife upset that you have to stay in Calgary for the duration now?

Holy crap!

I seem to have a trend going here. Whenever I get home from the library from writing my term paper for my masters class, they seem to score.

Don't stop, Crazycoach. And Sac, you need to alternate between Edmonton and Calgary now.

On the topic at hand...

I had a couple pints from the LCBO tonight that I didn't open till the third period. Both were Czech beers, which wasn't really intentional... at the start of the third, I cheersed my GF and said "A czech beer for Hemsky, may he score the game winner". it wasn't the GW, but it was the insurance goal. At the start of the 2 man advantage, i opened the second beer and said, "for Spacek, may he get the second insurance goal", and guess who sets it up...

Anyway, I know what beers I'm getting on sunday night.


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