Monday, May 08, 2006


Oilers-Sharks Game Day II


No rest for the outhit and outhustled. The Oil are back on the ice tonight and need to get the split.

Lowetide has a nice review of last night's game (he has also brought out the big gun for tonight's Karma Blast from the Past; but there really isn't too much to say other than San Jose played a heckuva lot better than the Oilers.

San Jose plays a much different game than Detroit, and it looked like the Oil didn't adapt. Strangely, the Sharks game is more like what the Oilers used to like to play against -- uptempo, forechecking, hard hitting, strong cycling, etc. I'm expecting the fellas to Get Electric for tonight's game and start hitting back. I'm actually not worried in the slightest -- the Sharks played well, but Edmonton was pretty bad and still managed to hang around until the end.

The very good news is that Toskala looked extremely beatable -- if only the Oilers would put some shots on net.

My main man Dvorak looks to be out for tonight's game, meaning that LeGG or Harvey will be in. I'm kinda hoping for Georges, who might be able to pummel that little twerp Nieminen, and who should be able to compete physically in the offensive zone. Harvey might be a little bit less of a liability(?), but Georges has the potential to bring more to the table.

Prediction: 4-2 Oilers (Dvorak, Stoll, Smyth, Horcoff)

Go Oil!


I just love that you're still picking Dvorak to score even though he won't be in the lineup. It's truly one of the great ongoing themes of this blog.

If D-Vo is actually going to score, though, apparently it has to be me who predicts it (I'm 1-for-1).

I really wish you would, then.

I'm going to have to stick a little ™ after every adjective I used to describe the Oilers now. Stupid™ Oilers.

I've already (tm)(c)(r) "my Beloved Oilers" so nobody can take that.

I'll be hooting and hollering on the blue mile Friday, woohoo! Has anyone ever measured the red mile or the blue mile to see if it's actually a mile? And aren't we Canadians? Shouldn't it be the Red 2.whatever kilometre?

I've said the same thing after getting a ribbing from people here at work who wish the Oilers a qwuick death, that they weren't even playing up to their potential and still hung in. I loved the Esa reference. Waiting for him to break open the Semenko reference too.

After putting up with Tikkanen all those years ago, you have no idea how much I enjoy watching the Oilers get worked over by The Most Annoying Finn in Hockey(TM). It's a delighful bit of delayed karma.

Sutter's biggest mistake wasn't letting Gelinas or Conroy move on to greener pastures, it was letting Ville move on to tealer ones.

Go Sharks.

peter, watching bits of that game last night, my thoughts exactly.

I have no idea why the Rangers traded Ville just before the deadline either, and we see how well that worked out for them.

When Nemo is playing poorly, he's useless and/or invisible, but when he's playing well, it's pretty spectacular.

I think that brain cramp (X2) in the last minute is an example of why Ville will always be on the move.

And his fearlessness in throwing himself at Pronger is why there will always be a spot for him in the league.

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