Thursday, April 20, 2006


Reality Check

It would seem that this thread has settled down, and may not get to 100 comments. At the risk of beating a dead horse:

Jarome Iginla had a good, not great, season, and now is the time when he will, or will not, earn his money. Am I saying that if the Flames go deep in the playoffs, he gets a pass on his non-Hart Trophy-contending regular season? Well YEAH!

He captained a team that has met pretty high expectations thus far (I picked the Flames to be 2nd in the conference, but close enough). He led the team in Goals and Points. He was 2 back of the team lead in Assists; if you exclude assists on Goals Scored By Jarome Iginla, he led that category easily too. He's a very good defensive forward, and he's always better at the end of games; I remain convinced that he's the fittest skater in the NHL. And Cosh notes sincerely in his original piece, he is a mensch; a guy any city in the league would be proud to have on their team.

And if you want to argue that he's overpaid, which I do not, the problem still remains of how you might spend that $7M in a way that makes the Flames better than they are now. You just can't go to Sport Chek and pick three $2.3M scorers off the shelf; they're set in goal, and have a fantastic defense.

Go forth, Jarome, and show everyone what you're made of. We can have this discussion in July.


It's tough to say. I still think I'd rather have Iggy than three Langkows. But I'm biased, I'll admit.

Anyways, whatever. I've said enough on whether or not Iggy has earned his keep.

However, I nearly fell off my chair this morning when I opened up the Herald and read Jean Lefebvre's article on Iggy - "Iggy adds all-around skill to Flames arsenal"....

"Months ago, the calm assertion from McCarty was that while Iginla may not get his mitts on the Rocket Richard Trophy for a third time, the team would certainly be the better for the Calgary captain's all-around game."

He quotes McCarty comparing Iggy to Yzerman regarding their transformations from goal scorers into becoming, and I quote, "complete-captain-leader-champions". But he likes Iginla's game more, "(Iginla's) overall game is something that's a lot better."

Then Huselius pulls Iggy's dick out of his mouth long enough to say, "He's got it all. He's got the whole package, he's such a great player. He's fast, he's strong, he's got skills, he can shoot, he can pass... he can do everything. Ever since I've come to this club, I've just been amazed by how he performs out there on the ice and how good he is in the locker room. He's the great leader of this club."

"He's the great leader of this club."

Those are the actual quotes, and yes it sounds like Huselius swallows, that's not the point.

The point is that someone stole my words and used them in today's paper. I'm even a little more miffed that I'm thinking on the exact same wavelength as McCarty the punching bag and the Ginger-haired c*nt, as Colby calls Huselius. Shit.

Time for more beer and asprin.

Iginla was one of the top 20 goal scorers and his team won its division. It's hard to argue with that.

I love you, James Mirtle.

Don't start kissing on the Mirtle until you see who he picked to win the Calgary-Anaheim series.

Besides, his description also fits Brendan Shanahan and Henrik Zetterberg, who didn't even clear $5 million between the two of them and who both outscored Iginla individually. That would make Iggy's salary about 300% of his market value.

I don't know why you guys tie team success into paycheque. All Iggy can control is Iggy. Should he be paid less if they put a piece of shit team on the ice around him and he makes the exact same contribution?

What do you guys think the market is for a guy with two Richard Trophies and an Art Ross in the last couple of years? $7-million seems rather reasonable.

The thing is, even if this is an off year for Iginla, it's a hell of a lot better than the off years of a truly overpaid guy like Marty St. Louis or Nikolai Khabibulin. (And you're going to tell me those two weren't rewarded for team success?)

Iginla's one of the best players in the league, and if he played for a less offensively challenged team, he would have had at least 40+ goals. And that in an allegedly off year.

Aren't the Flames a ways under the cap anyway? Yeesh.

Hey, you were the one who put forward the "top-20 scorer on a division champ" thing. Me, I agree with the second thing you wrote, give or take maybe a mil and a half.

(I also did crack up over JHuck's bit at the top of the thread. But it was Kiprusoff, with that copper-coloured fuzz scattered haphazardly all over an unnervingly prominent Ugrian skull, who was the Ginger-Haired Cunt of original renown.)

"But it was Kiprusoff"

Oh yeah. Well anyways, they're both daywalkers...

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