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Let's hear it

Before we get to full-on playoff mode,

Your highlight of the regular season was:

For me, I think I'd pick the 3rd period of the Flames-Wild game in mid-November; the lads' sheer domination for 19 minutes, turning a 2-0 deficit into a 3-2 lead, followed by defending a 5-on-3 PP (6-on-3 with Roloson on the bench) to clinch the victory.

Non-Flames-related, I have to go with something I saw live, so I'd pick the PIT-MTL shootout on TSN very early in the season, where Crosby roofed it over Theodore to win the game, sending the water bottle about 20 feet in the air and Miller/McGuire into hysterics in falsetto.

Schadenfreude highlight: it could be any of a large number of Oiler goaltending "highlights": the one that stands out most is probably Conky banking one off of Brendan Morrison's cup, back into his own net.

The floor is yours...


JS Giguere's meltdown in March.

Gotta say...the Flames 6-3 victory over the Avs late in the season stands out for me. It was a battle for a play-off position AND the NW division at that point...and the boys left little doubt about who was in control after that one.

As for non-Flames about that Ovechkin-sliding-on-his-back-and-somehow-directing-the-puck-in-the-net goal. Wow.

The come from behind win against Phoenix, where Pronger scored with 0.2 seconds left.

Also, I watched got to watch the epic Marek Malik shootout winner back in October which was pretty amazing to see live.

The Oil has definitely had some interesting Final Minutes this season; besides that, there was the Nashville game that went from 1-1 to 3-2 in the last two minutes, and the Colorado game (the "junior hockey mentality" game, if memory serves) where Brisebois and Konowalchuk both beat Juicy in the final minute to make it 5-3. I'm sure there's more, too...

It's funny Matt. I agree with you about the last minute cock up games and think that Edmonton has probably had more of them this year. Since they made the playoff though, none of them will attain the resonance of the LA HNIC game of 03-04, where they pissed the game away.

My favourite schadenfreude game was the CGY-NSH one that they lost 9-4, if only because I've heard over and over that it's not just Kiprusoff but the Flames system which keeps shots to the outside, clears rebounds and makes him look good. For some reason Kipper is the only goalie out there who benefits from this (you can look it up!) but it's not him-it's the system. Hilarious.

Tough to pick a favourite Oilers game from the season-this whole season has had a vague smell of disappointment to it for me. Maybe I'll get one from the playoffs.

Non-Oilers/Flames division: I've been watching Washington play quite a bit recently. Their game against the Thrash the other night was pretty wickedly entertaining. The Thrash have been a fun team to watch down the stretch too.

A lot of my favorite moments have been taken. I was at that Minny game with the great comeback and it was a thrill. Beating the Avs and the Oil on successive nights in April when the team was being written off every where was great.

I remember a great Oilers game where Ulanov passed the puck right to Sakic in the slot, who then roofed the winner over Morrison. There was a great picture of that goal somewhere where the puck is sailing over Quimby's shoulder and his eyes are closed.

Meaningless PS: I remember that wacky Phoenix game where the Oilers came back with a last second goal off a face off and all the commenters here were all 'once in a century moment, orbs of power, blah blah blah'. Anyway, virtually the same thing happened in an Ottawa game last week. And I think Quimby played goal in both games. So, it was not really a once in a lifetime moment. Not for Mikey anyway.

There was a few games this year with a tying or winning goal in the final seconds; I seem to remember Mike Knuble victimizing Jamie Mclennan for a PHI win over FLA back in November with under 5 seconds left. But off of a faceoff set-play, not that I can recall.

Ah, the hijinx of Oiler goalies. So many memories...

My highlight of the year was the Hemesky pretends he's Bobby Orr for 2 minutes and dekes through the majority of the San Jose Sharks and scores. That was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in a hockey game.

My runner up highlight has to be the Chris Pronger, wham bam thank you Maam 2 seconds to go in the game blast from the point to tie the game.

If you want a hate high light I'll pick the game where Suave let in 7 goals, leading to him being traded. Then Boucher letting in 9 in a subsequent outing, it really showed what Calgary would be without Kippersoft standing on his head nightly.

New Year's Eve at the Dome, lower section. Excellent, fast paced hockey game. Lots of hot drunk chicks. It was LOUD. I can't remember, but I think I might have stripped, climbed the glass and jumped to the ice, slipped then knocked myself unconscious.

Flames beat the Oil 6-5.

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