Monday, November 14, 2005


OK, that was a good night...

I was pretty much dead inside after two periods--no enthusiasm whatsoever (clearly, the Flames play rubbed off on me). But that 3rd period kicked-ass:
Seven straight wins feels pretty good. Red Wings on Wednesday on TSN. Final 3rd period shots were 25-7 Flames. Apparently Blogger is going down shortly, so if I have anything else, look for it in the comments. Go Flames!


It's a shame--in every sense--that there wasn't an invocation of the new Rule 89 provision allowing for 5-on-3 play in overtime if a two-man advantage occurs. I knew about this beforehand, but I sure don't expect it to crop up too often.

Bonus Rule 89 fun: did you know that you're allowed to pull the goalie in OT, but if the other team scores you don't get the single standings point ordinarily received for a regulation "tie"? This might actually have come up during one of the playoff chases, I dunno.

The Sabres-Lightning game on TSN on Oct.13 had two minutes of 5-on-3; the Sabres failed to score with the avantage numerique, but won in the shootout.

And I'm pretty sure the Kings invoked that other provision in spring '04, or came close: they pulled their goalie in OT when an EN goal would have cost them their "tie" point, which wasn't enough for them.

I recall reading when 4-on-4 was first introduced one of the coaches (I can't remember who) said that since a point was guaranteed he was going to pull the goalie against non-conference teams as soon as he got into overtime. He felt that there was nothing to lose - he wouldn't lose any points, and he would get more of the extra points.
The NHL immediately said that they were going to prevent this, but I hadn't heard what they did. I guess I know now - thanks Cosh.

This is the Kings game I was thinking of.

LA absolutely needed 2 points. I think the chatter on the broadcast was that Andy Murray would have pulled the goalie later in OT after trying to win 4-on-4 in the first ~4mins (which makes sense). Alas, the Flames scored 1:06 into OT, so it never came to that.

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