Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Flames Game Day

It's Flames vs. Coyotes, live across the nation on TSN, 8PM MDT.

The Flames' last (other) home game against the Coyotes was waaayyy back in Game 7 of the season, Home Game #3: Calgary was shut out 2-0 (2nd was an empty-netter) to drop to a miserable 2-4-1 at the time. Since that time, the fortunes of the two teams have, uh, gone in opposite directions.

The Flames' magic number is now 5. Any combination of points earned by the Flames and not earned by the Canucks, adding up to 5, will officially clinch a playoff spot. (Magic number for the NW title is 12; same deal, but with Colorado).

The last time Calgary & Phoenix met up, the Flames played one of their better games of the year (on the road! against someone other than Edmonton!); it was far more dominating than the 4-3 final score would suggest.

The car radio tells me that all of the injured Flames will either be back tonight, or they're just about there (if you're counting, that's Warrener, Leopold, McCarty, Nilson, and Leclerc).

I expect that Phoenix will play a lot better tonight than they did against the Oilers on Monday, but it's not going to be enough. Maybe we'll see Reinprecht score a goal, but I think Kipper is going to be a wall, insofar as he's needed. 3-0 Final. Go Flames.


>I expect that Phoenix will play a lot >better tonight than they did against >the Oilers on Monday, but it's not >going to be enough

Turns out that's about right.

The 'Yotes and Wayne have packed it in me thinks.

I think Phoenix's attitude, for the most part (/most players), was pretty good. Calgary was too good this time, though. They had 4 lines going nicely (I think Pierre McGuire mentioned this about 176 times, almost as many times as he complimented Phaneuf).

Sauve was near-brilliant, and still let in 5 goals.

But how was Ference??

Ference was actually pretty decent. Huzzah!

Yeah, Ference was pretty good, although McGuire naming him as one of his Monsters was overboard.

Hulse, however: next time he (A) takes a dumb penalty on (B) a player who's not even a 10-goal scorer, I think my profane outburst will wake up the kids. (Last night, he took a hooking penalty for no apparent reason on Mike Ricci, eventually leading to a 5-on-3 PP goal by the Coyotes.)

Off topic, some nice skating from Phaneuf here...

Speaking of penalties...can you honestly call something a trip if the victim doesn't even fall down??

(refering to penalty called against The Dion last night).

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