Thursday, November 10, 2005


The Man

Hey, remember the last time a forward line got 18 shots on goal in a game? Me neither, but it happened tonight for Kobasew, Reinprecht, and Iginla in the most one-sided 4-3 game I can recall.

Shots were 43-23 Flames, which certainly underrepresents the margin and number of scoring chances. But as dominant as the team was, Jarome Iginla's performance was that much better.

A penalty shot goal. Two assists. Go look at the highlights of the 2nd one; I think if you could read his lips, you'd find him yelling to his teammates, "There! Is that net wide enough open for you clowns?"

He also tuned up Keith Ballard with about 3 minutes left in the game for the official Gordie Howe hat trick.

But it wasn't even the numbers, so much as him generally doing whatever he wanted out there, and even moreso, performing very well in the non-spontaneous moments: I'm thinking of the penalty shot and the fight, here. In both of those instances, that extra time seemed to augment his advantage, where too often in the past it has subverted it.

Since the Flames headed out on their 2nd road trip of the year (Game 9), Iginla has absolutely been as good as he's ever been. Tonight's Man of the Match, with a pretty wife to boot: Jarome Iginla, ladies and gentlemen.


Sure, dude, but you got to know Mike Comrie's been up ins.

It's been mentioned before on this blog - opposing coaches should insist that their players do NOT get Iginla riled up.

Iggy was just itchin' for a scrap last night, and one of the funniest parts of the game was when Mara realized he had pushed Jarome too far. You could see on Mara's face the exact moment he shit himself. I do not envy any d-man assigned Iggy's shifts.

I doubt it, Cosh, since Comrie is still presently what doctors term "alive".

And yeah jhuck, that moment was pretty good. I thought Millions and Ryan Walter were pretty decent: they pointed that out at the time, brought up a couple of other things before they were painfully obvious, and by my count, didn't attribute a single penalty or other play to "new NHL" or any variation thereof a single time. What a nice change.

Also, I should have put this in the original post, but the other highlight for me was the shots of 99 just steaming after O'Donnell got that instigator penalty. They'd show him for 2 seconds, something else for 10s, them him for 2s again, etc., and he wasn't getting any happier. Good times.

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