Thursday, April 27, 2006


Beat that horse!

I know we have been through all of this before, and because I really liked Cross I hate to do it again, but, I just can't let this one go.

Cory Cross was just described as "fast". I kid you not. And, for good measure, Jason Wooley was also described as "one of the smartest players on the roster."

Oh mercy, please make it stop.


Cory Cross is definitely Rem Murray fast.

Poor Rem.

heh. it's funny, the Detroit fans are probably reading all the barbs about Cross thinking we are exaggerating.

anyway, how much pressure would that be for Cory? We ran him out of the rink . . . and he was on our team!!!

Unless he is made of way more steely stuff than we think, the pressure would be sure to make him cough it up.

Sneaky fast, that's Cory.

Incredibly, the reference to Cross as "fast" isn't even the stupidest statement in that thread.


Everybody needs to stop tempting fate. We still need to win 2 games. I'm a big believer in karma, and there's only so much we can get away with before we see Cross somehow beating the Oil D wide for the game winner.

Agreed. I feel guilty about my joy. Being an Oilers fan is like being Catholic.

Anyone elses video go all goofy? The screen is totally squished. I HATE THE CBC.

This ref should be lynched. The inconsistency of the penalties is mindblowing.

The Oilers do know that there are other types of shots available to them than the 4 second wind-up slapper, right? Wrist shot, snap shot, backhand shot? Anyone?

Yea, got to agree with you there Grabia, the reffs are all over the place tonight. I'm hoping this game doesn't get decided on a chincy penalty unless its a chincy penalty against detriot.

How Chelios didnt get a penalty for cross-checking Smytty's face is beyond me. But my favorite was when he was jumping up and down on the ice like a spoiled brat, screaming at the ref. What a bitch.

16 penalties called already.

Oh, make that 17. Samuelsson just pulled a Barnaby-esque flop on a legitimate high-stick. And now it is 3-2, due to a horrible no call. Rolly wasn't even trying, the call was so obvious.

Someone needs to tell those reffs that this is hockey, Nick Lindstrom is not allowed to have blockers.

He was the blocker. He picked, then scored. This has to be one of the worst games ever called by officials. And I mean both ways. Just some awful calls. I normally don't agree with the "just let em play" argument, but this has been ridiculous. Two thirds of the game with someone on a powerplay? With not a single fight or major called?

Damn pick! That crappy call was the last straw in a night of crappy calls. It definitely took the wind out of Edmontons sails.

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