Thursday, January 26, 2006


Wild West Redux

Well, I went 3 for 7 on my game predictions for tonight. Why am I not upset?

Calgary got shut out by Chicago
Jarmoe put up some more big numbers: 0,0,-1, 2SOG, 2PM.
Vancouver lost
Nashville lost
Colorado lost
San Jose Lost
LA lost

Edmonton won.

I've also decided I'm very comfortable with the trades. I agree with everyone on Earth that the overabundance of d-men has virtually guaranteed that Lowe makes a move for a goaltender. It's a shame, really, because both Jussi and the Mayor have been playing pretty well the last few games. Quimby made at least 4 terrific stops at key moments tonight.


Good Goal Tending was wiked smaht tonight. Just some stellar saves. I don't understand how a guy with 2 losses in 10 NHL games isn't getting more ice-time. He certainly earned the next start after his performance tonight.

PHUN PHACT: before tonight's victory, Mike Morrison's season record was 7-2-0 in the ECHL and 7-2-0 in the NHL.

Second, third, even fourth saves. How nice and refreshing.

You guys think we're getting Biron? Doesn't seem like a huge upgrade to me from the games I've seen him play. His save percentage isn't bad, but it's still pretty middle of the pack (.901).

Yep. I want to be on the record saying that any move for a goaltender not named Luongo will backfire.

M&M or bust!

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