Thursday, January 26, 2006


Wild West Fest

It's a good night for Western Conference hockey fans.

With so many of the teams playing each other, there is reasonable potential for some jigging of the standings. On tap:

Minnesota v Nashville
Dallas v Colorado
Calgary v Chicago
Vancouver v Detroit
Anaheim v San Jose
Phoenix v St. Louis
and, of course, Edmonton v Los Angeles

Buffalo Bob's Predictions: Minnesota, Dallas, Calgary (ugh), Vancouver, San Jose, St. Louis, Edmonton.


So whats up with this potential Dick Tarnstrom trade for Jani Rita? I mean, Tarnstrom? Really?

Also, anyone else worried that Doug Weight has indicated he would accept a trade to Calgary? Do we really want to see Weight in a Flames jersey come playoff time? I sure don't.

Yeah, I heard something about the Tarnstrom thing, though I would've thought Edmonton would be looking for d-men with bigger, shot-blocking-capable shin pads.

As far as Weight in a Flames jersey, I'd probably cream my jeans if that happened. Maybe Weight for Ference & Sauve. Ooooohhh.... yeah baby.

Flames are pretty close to the salary cap, though, so it would have to be a trade for similar salary totals. I heard Leopold's name mentioned, but that's obviously not near enough of a salary dump... maybe add Simon, a young player... I don't know.... Sutter somehow finds diamonds in the rough rather than going for the top dogs.

It's no longer a potential trade. Tarnstrom for Rita and Cross. Very good deal by the Oil, and now they might have room to call up Schremp (like that will happen).

>now they might have room to call up Schremp

They can't call up Schremp. He's under 20 and in Juniors for good for the rest of the year.

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