Sunday, January 15, 2006


Vent your spleen

Inspired by Matt's response to Cosh's comment below, all comments regarding the Oilers today must be in the form of a letter to the Oilers Brass. Various suggestions for them to perform difficult acts of bodily contortion are strongly encouraged.

Dear Sirs: I am writing you to express . . .


Dear Sir:

This--and by this I mean the abysmal performance of our goaltenders--is what cost our team a playoff spot two years ago. Your inability to pull the trigger then was disastrous. To not do so now is nothing other than a dereliction of duty.

Please remedy said abomination fortwith, or we shall revoke the most-favoured-player status bestowed upon you by this fair city these past twenty-five years.

Yours In Copper & Blue,

Concerned Edmontonian

Dear Sirs:

Why are you so desperate to run away from the successes of the past? I think it would be inspirational for today's Oilers if there were some kind of acknowledgement of the 5 Stanley Cups before every game, not just once in a while.

Also, all players should be required to wear Jofa helmets.


Some guy

Dear Sirs:

It is well known that our neighbours to the south have insecurity issues. They just haven't been the same since they failed in becoming the capital city of the province. In no way is this clearer than in their substandard performance in amateur and professional sports. They just can't compete with Edmonton, and it drives them into insanely bad decisions, like building a stadium in the shape of a horse saddle, and drafting Rico Fata.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you and the management for taking pity on Calgarians and allowing them to have a couple good seasons of hockey. It is true that they have consistently failed to take advantage of the mercy you provide them-as 1986 and 2003 can attest to-but you can't take the blame for that. Their inability to turn opportunity into victory is their own fault. It's what separates winners from losers. Nevertheless, we in Edmonton have compassion for our little sister, and I applaud you and the management for letting them have their time in the sun, even if only for a little while.


Graduate of a world-class University

You forgot :

"PS, and thank you for supplying them with some half-decent hockey players, god knows where they'd be without those citizens of Edmonton on their roster."

"Their inability to turn opportunity into victory is their own fault. It's what separates winners from losers"

That almost reminds of the game on Dec. 31.

My letter's on hold. Mayor Quimby just got recalled from Kennebunkport.

Dear Sirs:

Can you please tell your fans to stfu and stop moaning. Things could be a hell of a lot worse.

Written in good faith.

Yours sincerely

A Blues Fan

So true Ingmar, so true.

Although, it is tough to have too much sympathy for fans who haven't seen their team miss the playoffs in 23 years . . .

Of course, when you miss it, you really miss it.

Let's just say you won a couple of cups back in the days and we though we'd get one with Turek in goal.

You're not going to beat me on this one. ;)

Good blog, when I get a bit better expressing myself in english I'll make a run for best hockeyblog on the net.

(longest word verification yet: 13 letters...)

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