Saturday, January 14, 2006


HNIC open thread

Well, the entree was very satisfying. We're #1! etc. etc...

The dessert looks pretty promising too. Conky lets one in two minutes in; we're all stunned.

As Tyler commented in the previous thread (re: Bob and Harry, but it's still applicable in the broad sense): "It's going to be a long night."

UPDATE, before hitting post: Whoops! MAB scores - tie game! And Pronger needs to keep his elbows down; it's harming his Lady Byng chances.


Chara is a monster.

I want to see Big Georges fight him.

Who had 11:30EST in the pool?

Harry: "And the debate, in Edmonton continues..."

Obviously MacT is getting advice from someone who thinks Conko can play goal. Hey, maybe that advice isn't even terrible. But I've not read or heard a single person who thinks Conky is the number One.

Apropos of nothing, but given that it's on TV during the hockey game, (oddly, the early game had lots of Liberal ads; the NDP isn't even bothering with the HNIC fan base) should the Conservatives really be making Martin's decision to avoid Canadian taxes an issue of patriotism considering everyone in BC and Sask shops in Alta whenever possible and that everyone in the country will cross the border to the US to shop? It's practically a national tradition. Stick to the fact that he's bat shit crazy.

Flames suck.

I have no idea why the CPC are running any ads in Alberta at all. The value ($/seat) of them would seem to be pretty small.

Watching Staios on the point on the power play is like watching a guy with a blood alcohol content of .25 try to start his car.

I was going to post here, but I think I'm going to write to the Oiler front office instead. Bye bye now.

"Dear Sirs: I am writing you to express deep disappointment at your failure to... [300 words of blah blah]... where the sun don't shine, preferably sideways.

Regards, Colby Cosh."

Do the Oil fans really want to see Pronger bring home the Lady Bing trophy?

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