Saturday, January 14, 2006


Oilers Game Day - Ottawa

Season Record: 24-15-5 Season Record: 29-10-3


This is a huge test for the Oilers tonight.

Depending on who gets the start in net, I can see the Sens scoring anywhere between 4 and 10 goals tonight. Man, given the way Ottawa goes to the net, I'm predicting rebounds are going to kill us. And if Edmonton take as many penalties as they did in NY, it is going to get ugly.

Having said that, the Sens have lost 3 of their last 4, and the Oil have had Ottawa's number of late -- Ottawa only has 5 wins alltime vs Edmonton, and none since 2002-03. Also, Spezza is still out.

Prediction: Goals aplenty. Should be a fun one.


The question really isn't who starts this one in net, it is who finishes.

You've nailed it, I think. Conks will probably get the start -- which is just agonizing -- he will give up a couple of goals, neither of which will look particularly soft, then Jussi will come in, give up one really bad goal, settle down for a while and give up 2 more that, again, don't really look that bad.

That was an AWFUL first goal by Ottawa. Some people might say otherwise, but I didn't realized CBC was televising a game with six-year olds, where the goalie WATCHES the puck go across the crease to an open attacker who calmly taps it in. I felt nauseous until Bergy saved our ass.

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