Sunday, January 22, 2006


Sore, Sore, Sore

I apologize to all of the Oilers fans out there for abandoning you over the last few days. I unexpectedly went skiing in Jasper over the weekend.

Although during junior high and high school I was a skiin' fool, this was only the third time I've strapped on the boards in the last 15 years. Needless to say the day after skiing (i.e., today) I was totally unable to get out of bed, nevermind try to find an internet cafe in Jasper to chime in about the Phoenix game.

I come back today to find about a million Flames posts. Talk about kickin' a guy when he is down, Fenwick

Never fear, however, because I am back and pumped about tomorrow night's BoA.

Go Oil!


Don't worry, Sacamano. You continue to enjoy our complete confidence. You know, just like Pat Quinn enjoys John Ferguson Jr.'s.

You cut me Cosh. You cut me deep.

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