Sunday, January 29, 2006


An improbable win, indeed!

Ray Ferraro called this one "an improbable win". No doubt.

As Cosh noted in the comments to the Game Day post, the Orbs of Power did it again--scoring with less than a second remaining to force overtime. Then the Czechs and Quimby got it done in the shootout.

Pronger's goal actually came off of a faceoff in the Coyotes zone with 2.2 seconds remaining. Ferraro mentioned that in over 20 years of watching NHL hockey he has never seen that play actually work. I'm not sure I can agree. I'm positive I remember the Oil pulling it off a few years ago.

Despite the crazy way of getting it done, I'm going to say that the Oil actually deserved this win. They outshot the Coyotes and, to my eye, outplayed them for most of the game.

Cleary a stomach-punch loss for Phoenix and, even better, for all of the Calgary Fans out there who were no doubt watching the game and firing up their computers to leave nasty comments with 2.2 seconds remaining.

Quimby was solid again, especially in the shootout where he appears to be somewhat of a savant.

I'm on record saying that we should stick with M&M in net, and I'm reaffirming that position here.

The Oil are now the #1 road team in the league. Let's hope they can start to get it done at home over the next 3.

By the way, if anyone can help with the wacky formatting that seems to have beset this place, please drop me a suggestion in the comments. I screwed it up somehow by trying to put a table in the previous post -- but I don't have any clue how that would have affected the template, as it appears to have.


Did you see the Flames also won today?

Yeah Flames.

And I agree, the goal on the last shot off the face off happens every now and then. I remember at least once when the Oilers did it to the Flames. It was probably more than once, but I've blocked it out.

As an aside, if your goalie freezes the puck unnecessarily with a couple or three seconds on the clock and then lets in a softie on the set play everyone in the building could see coming, isn't he required to stop every shot in a shootout, even if it goes 27 rounds? Isn't he?

Curtis Joseph ... still killing the Flames. Glad he's not on my Olympic team.

One vote from me in support of Ferraro's call. If anyone can come up with an example of a goal off of a faceoff with less than 5s left in the 3rd, to tie or win, I'll sit corrected.

Ironically (considering Sacamano's take), I actually turned on the TV for the first time with 2.2s left. Un-believable.

Someone should start a, like, only it'd better.

Mactavish is seconding Ferraro as well:

"It's a one-in-a-million play," Oilers coach Craig MacTavish said. "I have never seen it. In 25 years of hockey I have never seen anything like it."

I was listening to the game on the way down to Calgary, and Phillips said the only time he had ever seen that happen was in an old WHA game between Edmonton and the Minnesota Fighting Saints. Then again, he can't remember what team has the puck half the time, so take it with a grain of salt.

I didn't see the game, but Morrison let in 3 goals on 14 shots. That doesn't seem like a quality start. Please splain.

It sounded like Cujo had more to answer for than Morrison--Phoenix picked up two goals on outright defensive collapses, whereas Smytty's was a 40-foot cheapo.

I've been trying to get through to people on this for eons, but the Oilers score a LOT of goals in the last minute after a MacT chalk-talk. I can't point to a specific case where the goal happened to come in the last second, but it is unwise to ever rule this team out of a one-goal game.

The new defencemen, to my surprise, were paired together on the PP. Supposedly they looked good; 0-for-8 sounds awfully dismal, but the second goal came just as Saprykin was stepping back onto the ice, and they weren't implicated in any of the even-strength errors.

If you need a laugh, go check out the thread on this game. 5 pages of bitching and moaning.

I guess when it's 5-1, you've always got one eye on the city and franchise that history has shown to be the best.

Ya, Mo's numbers tonight don't really reflect how he played. He was good.

You bring up a good point, though. If Conklin had played the same game I'm sure I would have been all over him for giving up 3 goals on 14 shots.

What can I say, I have confidence in Quimby.

1) That ChuckNorris site is terrific
2) I must have been mistaken, because I would never put my wonky memory up against the collective brains of Mac-T, Ferraro and Rod Phillips.

Boy, I guess a doctorate isn't worth much in the old confidence sweepstakes. "No, sorry, I have to defer to the guy whose chief claim to fame is spilling a huge Italian meal on himself immediately before a TV broadcast."

Alas, my doctorate isn't in Oilers history.

There must be a way to check this.

In another Oilers victory, Doug Weight's just been moved to the Compuware Hurricanes. I sure didn't want to see him wearing the Equine Mucus badge.

Agreed. I also didn't want to see him back here.

Don't get me wrong, I liked him when he was here, but he's not what we need.

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