Sunday, January 29, 2006


Oilers Game Day - Phoenix


The Sun reports that Mayor Quimby gets the nod in goal, and that both Tarnstrom and Spacek will make their Oilers debuts tonight.

It's been a nice road trip so far (2-0) and tonight's game would seal the deal.

With the desert dogs having played 3 games in 4 nights, including last night, I see the Oil rolling over them.

Prediction: 5-1 (Stoll, Horc, D-vo, Tarnstrom, Bergeron)


Why do they call Mike Morrison Mayor Quimby?

Clearly you've never heard the man speak.

Chowdah, say it!

Tonight we'll see if he has two good games in a row in him. He was money against LA the last time out.

He didn't get to 8-2 without putting good games together a couple of times.

You all forget that CUJO doesn't lose to his old teams. I will be happily surprised if the Oil pull it off.

Well, Dvorak just broke the seal, and it looks early on as though these new dudes, Tarpstrap & Spaceman, are performing as advertised. So far this feels like another one of those games where the Oilers pull away in the 3rd.

WOO HOO! Ferraro says in over 20 years he has never seen that play work.

Reasoner and Pisani do the little things right to get it done.



Jeebus Crisco. There may be something to those Orbs of Power.

Meaningless digression: What is Ferraro smoking? The draw back to the point, take a shot, score play is successful approximately every day in the NHL (viz, the Flames did it this afternoon). Granted, it usually doesn't work in the last second, but I've seen it and I'm thinking he's seen a lot more hockey than me. Why Joseph thought he should freeze if for one last face off vs chucking it into the corner is a mystery. i thought he was supposed to be one of those good goalies. What a Conky.

Hah! Glendale has a new mayor, bitches!

Someone should tell Joseph you've gotta play all sixty minutes, not just fifty nine minutes and fifty nine-and-a-half seconds.

Orbs of Power indeed.

Damn. I forgot to mention Pronger's orbs in my recap. They were glowing with a green aura tonight.

IF I still lived in Edmonton I'd try to market ProngerBalls, two glowing stones like in the Temple of Doom, except you could hang them from your rearview mirror.

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