Sunday, January 01, 2006


Damn You Mike W!

I put the blame for the Oilers loss squarely on the shoulders of Mike W who inexplicably asked what the deal was with Shean Donovan, who naturally went out and scored a pair of goals -- his first two of the season. Sigh. It's ok, Mike has apologized so we don't need to lynch him.

I'm really not too upset with the game. It was fun to watch. It is pretty clear that Calgary and Edmonton are the class of the conference. Plus, how can you be upset on a night when Canada upsets the US and when you win at canasta, euchre, Settlers of Catan, and Clue. Terrific evening.


It was rigged I tell ya. It was close... was it me or was the 19 and change flames fans that wanted the refs heads on a stick. Looks like Donovan has lost the monkey. The look on Marchment's face when he got called in the the 3rd was priceless... Was not the result I wanted but 11 goals, time with my daughter, we will get them in the next 3.... Go Oil... got some cool pix of Don & Ron too

What a perfect night. The Saddledome was rockin' last night, and for once I wasn't the loudest, drunkest fan in the lower section. I was still loud and drunk, but Flames' fans were pumped, yelling and cheering (lots of cheering, indeed, lots to cheer about) almost as if it were a playoff game. Well, almost.

The Flames were the dominant team for most of the game, as they have to be to win games. But there were good plays for both teams, good saves and flukey goals. A great game. You can tell the Flames need to get healthy - their defence is still hanging on relatively well but Warrener & Hamrlik are needed. The refs sucked.

And Canada beats the US to ice the cake. Good night for the Sutters. Good night for Calgary fans. Good night for Canada fans.

Bad night for Oiler fans.

It was a incredible hockey game to watch on the satellite last night, simply incredible. The flow, action and emotion was non-stop, it looked like the crowd was completely drained by it all by the end of the game... and ain't that what it's all about? Bang for your buck (loonie).

I know all about the negatives associated with the new NHL game but after watching that display last night I can't see much merit to the nay-saying any longer.

The games' in good shape... and getting better all the time as the bugs continue to be worked out of the newly installed operating system. No install is perfect at first but after it's up and running you don't know how you lived without it. The same process is taking place here.

Viva the new NHL !

The Oilers have scored that last soul-killing goal about ten times this year; it was too much to hope that it wouldn't happen to us at least once. I'm not super thrilled that it was the Flames who did it, but they earned the win.

Hope you enjoy it down on the Red Mile, because there are three games left in the season series, and all three are in our playpen. Welcome to the high point of your season.

To be annoyingly pedantic, those were Donovan's 3rd and 4th goals of the season, not his first two.

Right you are. That actually makes me feel better.

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