Friday, December 30, 2005


New Year's Eve Double Dip - BoA and BoNA

Two fantastic games on New Year's Eve -- a Battle of Alberta tiebreaker for first in the division, and the Battle of North America

Season Record: 22-13-4 Season Record: 22-12-4


Tournament Record: 3-0-0 Season Record: 2-0-1

I'm predicting happiness with both results. 4-3 Canada in OT and 3-2 Edmonton in regulation.


I don't think there's OT in the WJHC round robin, hence the tie tonight by the US. Should be a good night never the less.

I like the Oilers' chances but I'm not crazy enough to think it's not going to be a three-point game.

I will be in Section 104 tonite with my daughter. It is her 10th bday on this rock. She is becoming an Oiler fan much to my delight. Go Oilers.. As a fan though I really wondering what is up with Iggy? Happy New year to all...

Nice of them to schedule both games for tonight, back to back eh? On the one hand it'll be a great night of hockey, but on the other hand I've had to waffle on my new years plans till I know whether there'll be a TV in the area or not.

Right. I'll switch the OT to the Calgary-Edmonton game and say that Canada wins in regulation.

Maybe a Calgary fan can answer this relatively off-topic question: what's the deal with Shean Donovan? 5 points?!

I remember him flying around in the playoffs, but I haven't seen many Flames games this year to confirm why he sucks.

Now I wish I never mentioned Donovan.

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