Monday, December 19, 2005



As you probably know, after every Flames win, one player is awarded The Hard Hat by the coaches: "...the player who went the extra mile in a Flames win -- the unsung hero some games, star of the game on other occasions."

As a team tradition, I think it's alright, if a little overblown and cheesy. But I gotta say: giving a guy a hard hat to wear is a better idea, and a hell of a lot more sustainable, than knocking his teeth out.

And people think hockey players aren't that bright...


What really cracks me up is that this is the second time that this has happened to Peca.

His NYI teammates did the same thing.

Plus, didn't Nash knock a couple out on that hit that concussed Peca in October? How did he have any teeth left on Saturday for his teammates to "congratulate" right out of his mouth?

I'm confused by this as well. But he looked extra shitty and toothless in the post-game interview so I thought something new happened during the game...

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