Saturday, December 17, 2005


Oilers Game Day - Canucks

Season Record: 17-11-4 Season Record: 20-9-2


Huge game tonight - and on HNIC Canada to boot. Alas, I'll be at a Christmas party.

An Oil win and a Flames loss, and all of a sudden we're tied for second place.

Prediction: Oilers 4-2 (Torres, SMyth, Stoll, Bergeron)


I hope there was at least an open bar at that party, buddy. RIGHT NOW you are missing an interview with OT scorer Mike Peca [NOT A TYPO], who has just had about ten of his teeth smashed clean out of his head. He's spraying blood all over Steve Armitage. This game should have its own MOVIE.

Great game...wish the Canucks had won it, but still was one of the most entertaining games of the year.

Hope Stoll's face wasn't too broken after that high stick from Salo.

Oddly enough that game was full of good news for you--Ouellet looked decent, Bertuzzi is continuing his rampage, and Vancouver could have kept nine out of ten teams pinned to the mat with that calibre of firepower and defensive play. Meanwhile the Oilers' goaltending puzzle just got another 20% more difficult, Pronger was (persistently) crummy, Hemsky had what's got to be the worst three-point night in NHL history, Peca is still missing open nets, and Stoll might have a fractured face.

Still... wow.

What dusty attic did Mike Peca find the move for the game winner in?

Cosh, I'm not sure that Hemsky had the worst 3 point night ever, because that almost implies he should have gotten none. The pass to Smyth for the first goal was so good that Smytty almost looked sheepish scoring it. I certainly agree that it was wasteful, however, because Hemsky doesn't look like he can be bothered to shoot. The one play where he took a pass from Horcoff in the slot, declined to shoot, and circled wide to no good effect brought a collective cry of "What the FUCK is he doing?!?" from the patrons in the saloon I was at.

Finally, and this is maybe more for Matt's later thread, congrats on the doctorate, Sacamano.

Hey, I'm just happy to see the Oilers take SHOTS on a power play. Every time a shot was taken during that 4-in-a-row PP streak I was having a minor heart attack just to see players shooting at the net.

Well, none of Hemsky's points were cheap (and his goal was sheer art), but he rang up five horrible giveaways. One of them was the one you mentioned, where Horc handed him a half-open net and he went around the world, and two came in the third, when he burned a whole power-play on futile end-to-end rushes. Rooting for Hemsky is exactly like dating a crazy woman, and I don't just mean in the bad ways.

You notice where Stoll was when he got hurt? They had him down low all night--how long have they been doing this?

That couldn't have gone much worse as a Flames fan. I don't mind that Peca scored a pretty good-looking game winner (hey, all those monkeys will eventually type Macbeth, right?), but couldn't he have done it in regulation time?

I'll second that Bertuzzi take. He looks like a different player than last month; what a difference 'moving your legs' makes.

Woo Hoo!

What a game! We seem to have the Canuck's number this year. Thankfully, the game did find its way on to the TV at the Christmas shaker AND, Cosh will be happy to know, there was indeed an open bar.

Peca's goal was a thing of beauty, and that interview was spectacular. I love toothless wonders.

I was also delighted that, while the game was on, they kept the volume at a sufficiently low level that I didn't have to suffer through Millen.

My guess on the goaltending situation: Conkannan is back in action. Mayor Quimby get the axe. Sad but true.

Colby, I think they put Stoll low on the PP around the start of the last road trip, so you may have been exchanging bon mots with Lou Ferrigno at the time. Horc was in such a funk offensively that Stoll ended up centering Smyth and Hemsky on the first PP unit.

Jesus Cosh. I thought you were joking that Peca got his teeth knocked out during last night's game. I saw the interview, but with no sound. I just assumed it was a previous incident.

Then I read today that it was his own team that blew out his teeth while celebrating the goal and face-washing him.

I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry.

I guess the hate for Peca, gets abated for a week or two. He did have a rather strong game yesterday, and when Matt can't come up with any greater complaint than "he should have scored in regulation time" he's doing alright.

If Peca scores another 18 times this season, all is forgiven.

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