Thursday, December 01, 2005



Nice comeback tonight by the Flames; clearly they like to help me out with my predictions. Not a ton to say: I liked hearing Kobasew's name over and over and over late in the 1st, clearly it was a sign of things to come. Basically, they played 15 minutes like Evil Flames, and 45 minutes like Good Flames, and it turned out to be enough.

Since I don't have any more analysis, I thought I'd play Golbez's game. Herewith, my favourite and least favourite players on each NHL team, where applicable. As Jay noted in the comments earlier, this is unintentionally, but inevitably, heavily influenced by players who have both helped me and f***ed me over in hockey pools. And also by former disappointing Flames.
As it turns out, the main thing that I learned from this exercise is that Derian Hatcher is my least favourite player in quite a while. Hey, nice wins tonight!


Hatcher is a dog kicker?

Apparently Salo's wife liked Comrie.

John Tonelli for the Isles.... Very nice!

Hatcher is my single most hated player in the NHL right now.


Pavel Datsyuk, I call him Mr Invisible. You might get a kick out of my Oct 1 "strictly wings"

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